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Bravely Default

Sub-Scenario: Salve-maker Asterisk

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) A skull and crossbones sign usually warns of danger and death, right? Guess that’s where we’re going then!

A skull and crossbones sign usually warns of danger and death, right? Guess that’s where we’re going then! (left), (right)

As soon as you can access Starkfort you’ll be able to begin this short, but tricky sub-scenario. Inside the stronghold, on the first floor, head left where the path splits into three directions by the north; in the top-left corner you’ll find a flight of stairs leading up.

Upstairs, on the second floor, follow the long corridor down, ignoring the first junction as it leads to a dead end, and stop at the next junction. Turn left to find a chest with 1000 pg inside, then head right to find the Adventurer and stairs going further up.

Upstairs, on the third floor, there’s a blue exclamation mark nearby to the right. Once you reach this mark, a boss battle will commence so make sure you’re suitably prepared. Equip Star Pendants (you can purchase them from Ancheim or steal them from Praline’s company) onto as many characters as possible and check you’ve got a ton of Phoenix Downs.

Boss: Qada

Level HP Weak to
33 40,000 None

The Salve-maker can be annoying to take down if you go in unprepared. He uses Poison Hi-Potion to deal 1000 damage and inflict Poison on a character–group-cast Cura to keep your party healthily above 1000 HP.

When Qada’s feeling the pain, he will use Water of Life to cause Regen, healing his HP each turn–get rid of this with Dispel (purchased from Hartschild; requires a Level 9 White Mage).

Most annoying though is his Dark Breath, which causes damage equal to his missing HP; once Qada’s HP is reduced by 2000 (likely very early on), this will be an instant K.O. When this happens, you’ll want to use a Phoenix Down or cast Raise to bring back your fallen comrade ASAP.

We advise keeping a healthy amount of BP in reserve so you can Brave to revive a character and heal them on the same turn, as Qada may decided to off your resurrected and weakened ally when it’s his turn.

Qada will Default on occasions; he will also attack three times, before going down to -1 BP. When Qada is immobile, use that chance to fix up your party and dish out the punishment. Don’t bother Defaulting to reduce damage, although it’s good for saving up BP.


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