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Bravely Default

Red Mage (Black/White Magic)

Vincent Lau

The flashy Red Mage dabbles in swords and spells; it can use both White Magic and Black Magic too. Its stats are well-balanced, with a slight focus on magic and it can wield most weapons well. Like the Freelancer, it’s a jack of trades and master of none, but it’s closer to a master than a jack.

When you first get the Red Mage, it makes the White Mage and Black Mage jobs slightly redundant as it can use both their magic. Why use a White Mage if you can use a Red Mage that has the same spells, plus Black Magic? During this time period, you can switch to the Red Mage and benefit from the increased versatility.

Naturally, the advantage doesn’t last forever as Red Mages can only learn up to Level 4 White Magic and Black Magic, locking them out from the superior Level 5 and 6 spells. At this stage, their usefulness as spell-casters plummets, but they’re still worth training to obtain their support abilities.


Equipment Rank
Swords A
Most weapons B
Bows C
Knuckles D
Shields, Helms and Armor C

Specialty: Revenge

Each time the user is attacked by the enemy (poison damage doesn’t count), there is a 25% chance of the user’s BP increasing by one. As a free method of increasing your BP, this ability is ace. Having extra BP can go a long way, allowing you to heal more or deal more damage, for instance.

Level 1: Black/White Magic Lv.1

Allows use of Cure, Poisona, Blindna, Fire, Blizzard and Thunder with the appropriate White Magic or Black Magic scrolls in possession. Having the option to aid your allies and rain spells on your foes is good in our books.

Level 2: MP 20% Up

Raises the character’s Maximum MP by 20%. Allows you to expend more MP for spells or other moves. Bonus points for being a big boost, yet learned at a low level.

Level 3: Black/White Magic Lv.2

Allows use of Protect, Shell, Aero, Silence, Poison and Sleep with the appropriate White Magic or Black Magic scrolls in possession. To protect or to inflict; the choice is yours…

Level 4: Turn Tables

Raise user’s BP by 1 after evading an enemy attack. For this ability to kick in, you either need high Evasion or enemies with low Accuracy. Works fantastically when combined with the Ninja’s Utsusemi, which guarantees evasion of one physical attack; thus guaranteeing that extra BP.

Level 5: MP Free in a Pinch

MP cost falls to zero when the user’s HP is below 20%. Handy when you’ve taken massive damage and you’re fast running out of MP. Also great for grinding, if you manage to get a character to low enough HP, allowing them to summon for no cost, for example. Just watch out in case the enemy gets a first strike and throttles your low HP character.

Level 6: Black/White Magic Lv.3

Allows use of Cura, Raise, Esuna, Fira, Blizzara and Thundara with the appropriate White Magic or Black Magic scrolls in possession. The assortment get better, as you get an improved healing spell, revival spell, cure-all spell and improved offensive spells.

Level 7: Adrenaline

BP increases by one when your character defeats an enemy; multiple enemies defeated at once will increase BP by the number of defeated enemies. This ability makes it easier to contain mobs and would help against bosses that call in minions.

Level 8: Save Magic MP

Lower the MP cost of Black, White, Time and Summon magic by 25%. Costs one point more than the individual MP saving abilities, but useful if you’re running a hybrid mage, like a Summoner with White Magic as their Job Command. That is, until you find yourself a Gold Hairpin.

Level 9: BP Recovery

The user’s BP increases by 2 when they sustain a status ailment. This effect only applies when the ailment begins and not on subsequent turns. If hit by a surprise ailment, you could use this ability to mount a decisive comeback. You can also cause an ailment on yourself on purpose, then cure it and repeat…

Level 10: Black/White Magic Lv.4

Allows use of Reflect, Dispel, Aerora, Drain, Aspir and Fear with the appropriate White Magic or Black Magic scrolls in possession. These are the last spells a Red Mage can learn and they’re not a bad final selection by any means. You can reflect enemy magic, dispel enemy buffs, drain HP or MP or stop enemies from using Brave and Default.

Level 11: Revenge

Each time the user is attacked by the enemy (poison damage doesn’t count), there is a 25% chance of their BP increasing by one. While it’s not too reliable, having an option to gain extra BP is always welcome.

Level 12: Revival

When your character’s HP falls below 20%, there is a 75% chance of their BP increasing by 2. Note that subsequent damage after this point doesn’t increase your BP further, but you may restore the user’s HP to above 20% to allow this effect to trigger again. If you love living on the edge, this ability is great, but Revenge and BP Recovery are safer bets.

Level 13: An Eye for an Eye

When your HP drops below 20%, the chance of scoring a critical hit rises by 900% (effectively multiplied by 10) for five turns. For its cost, this is a good way of upping your fighting ability when things are getting rough. Note that magic spells can’t critical normally, so you’ll want to mount a comeback with physical moves.

Level 14: In the Red

Raises magic attack when you have negative BP.

  • 0 BP or more: No effect
  • -1 BP: 1.2 times damage
  • -2 BP: 1.3 times damage
  • -3 BP: 1.4 times damage
  • -4 BP: 1.5 times damage

The extra damage would do nicely when you’re wiping out mobs or for that final stretch against a boss.


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