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Bravely Default

Ruins of Centro Keep

Vincent Lau

After exiting town, you’ll receive a help message about Abilink. This feature is really helpful as it allows you to use any ability learned by your friends. First you must register friends in Bravely Default–open the save menu and go to Add Friends; if you’ve exchanged friend codes with people who have played Bravely Default, they will be added as friends.

Then open the main menu and go to Tactics, then Abilink. Finally, choose a character and set one of your friends to that character and you’re sorted! Now if you check your character’s abilities, they may have abilities they haven’t learned but your friend has.

(1 of 2) Although you can have up to 99 friends on your 3DS, you can only register 20 for this game.

Although you can have up to 99 friends on your 3DS, you can only register 20 for this game. (left), (right)

Anyway, to reach Centro Keep, simply travel north from town; cross the river using the new bridge and the keep–a fortress-like building–isn’t much further away. As soon as you enter, you’ll witness an argument between Ominas and his female subordinate. Clearly things just aren’t working out between them…

In any case, this seems like the perfect opportunity to kick them out, when they’re too busy quarrelling among themselves. Although the Eternians are a few paces away, they’re separated by a solid gate, so you’ll need to take the long route to reach them.

Floor 1

To start with, head for the room to the right, where you’ll find a shiny white lever on the wall to the right. Go up to the lever and give it a good yank with the A button–the gate up ahead will give way. Pass through the now-open gate and ascend the stairs beyond to reach the upper floor.

Floors 2 and 3 (Going Up)

Upstairs, make your way for the bottom-left corner where another lever can be found–pulling this will open a gate near the stairs you came from. Before the gate, turn left to find a chest containing Silver Glasses (nullify blind). Through the gate is another set of stairs–ascend these to go further upstairs.

When you emerge on the third floor, immediately to the right is a chest containing one Phoenix Down. Head down from the stairs, then turn right at the junction–here you can find a lever to open the gate to the left and a chest containing Echo Herbs.

(1 of 2) Expect to find a secret chest in 90% of the dungeons.

Expect to find a secret chest in 90% of the dungeons. (left), (right)

Through the gate to the left and you’ll be approximately halfway through this dungeon. On the left side, you’ll find a chest containing one Wakeup Bell and a lever in the bottom-left corner that opens the gate ahead. Pass through the second gate of this floor to find a flight of stairs leading down.

Floors 1 and 2 (Going Down)

Downstairs you can find chests containing Mage Masher, a Potion and a lever opening the gate in the top-left corner. Past the gate you’ll find more stairs leading down and the red-hatted Adventurer–speak to him to save your game or purchase items.

To make your life easier, purchase some Antidotes, Echo Herbs and Wakeup Bells (you can get these by upgrading the Norende Trader or by trekking back to Caldisla). The Adventurer’s presence and his super-honest greeting is a hint that the end of the dungeon and thus the boss is nigh.

Be sure you’re suitably prepared before advancing. Downstairs on the first floor, you’ll encounter the Eternian host; at this point the female soldier, Edea, will join your party and a heated boss battle will commence.

Boss: Ominas Crowe

Level HP Weak to
9 1800 Nothing

To begin with, Default to protect yourself against Ominas’s magic attacks and use Poisona (White Magic) or Antidotes to clear away poison as soon as possible.

The key to winning this battle is to keep your HP high, so Ominas doesn’t kill you with a mix of Poison and Fire–a White Mage with Cure is ideal for this. At times, you should group-cast Cure on your party to combat Ominas’s group-casting Fire.

Ominas himself has a lot of HP making this battle pretty long; try not to go into negative BP until the very end of the battle. Your main damage-dealers should be your Monk with the Iron Knuckles equipped, plus Edea with her powerful Ise-no-Kami weapon.

When Ominas reaches low HP, he will Brave and cast Fire twice, which is damaging so it’s important your is HP high. After he Braves, he will be immobile for one turn, giving you a chance to lay down some big damage by Braving yourself.

Now that Ominas is gone and Edea has betrayed her countrymen, she has no recourse but to join your merry party. As the party gets to know Edea, they spot an Eternian airship fly from the north towards Caldisla. This can’t be good news…

Better hurry back to Caldisla! To save you time, the gate to the right will now be open, allowing you to reach the keep entrance within a matter of seconds.


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