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Vincent Lau

The eastern-style Katanas are comparable to Swords, but boast higher Critical Rates, making them generally superior weapons. Only negative is that they’re slightly harder to come by. As usual, equip the Two-Handed or Dual Wield ability to really make them hurt!

Item P.ATK Purchasing Special Effect
Ise-no-Kami 20 - None
Nodachi 28 - None
Osafune 30 3500 None
Kaikiri 32 - Attacks do Lightning damage; provides immunity to Lightning
Kotetsu 34 14500 None
Kiku-Ichimonji 36 - None
Masamune 39 27000 None
Muramasa 41 - Triggers Defang (decreases Attack) when used as an item
Mutsu-no-Kami 48 62000 None
Ama-no-Murakumo 51 - 50% more damage to Dragon-kind monsters


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