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Bravely Default

Lakeside Battle

Vincent Lau

This is where the game starts getting tricky, but at least you know what you expect: some tough-as-nails Eternians at the end. If you’re feeling intimidated, grab a few level ups on the world map or inside the ravine. You can alter the encounter rate and increase the battle playback speed to really speed things along.

As soon as you’re ready, head in a south-westerly direction, where you’ll find a small lake near the edge of the continent. Approach the lake and the battle will begin before long–your opponents will be Holly the White Mage and Barras the Monk.

Boss: Barras Lehr and Holly Whyte

Level HP Weak to
5 300 (Barras), 250 (Holly) Nothing

Thanks to the power of the asterisks, you cannot escape this battle, so we hope you’re prepared! At the beginning, Default. Occasionally Barras will Brave, dishing out extra damage, but rendering him immobile for a turn; with luck, he’ll do this on a turn you’ve Defaulted. The turn after Barras Braves, Examine both enemies.

Either way, continue Defaulting until you’ve max BP. From here, you can brave all the way and lay the smack-down on either Holly or Barras. Then Default again and repeat the cycle until one of them goes down.

We recommend you take down Holly first, as she can cast Protect to raise her or Barras’s defence or Cure to heal HP. She also has less HP than Barras. Once Barras reaches critical HP, he will use Invigorate , which damages everybody in the field (including himself).

If you’ve damaged Barras and Holly equally, he will likely kill Holly with Invigorate before long. At this point, spam Potions or Treat (Level 2 Freelancer ability) like no tomorrow to stay in the game or (if Holly is gone) Brave to end him quick.

We recommend switching to these jobs straight away as Freelancer is a pretty weak job early on; Tiz makes a good Monk, while Agnes would do well as a White Mage. Although you may wish to remain as a Freelancer to learn some useful abilities.

Thanks to this surviving this ordeal, Agnes will start to trust Tiz and allows him to accompany her on her journey to awaken the crystals. Success! Back outside, the game will teach you about Changing Jobs and Types of Abilities.

Try using this knowledge now to change Tiz into a Monk and Agnes into a White Mage. You can still use your Freelancer abilities by selecting Miscellany (Freelancer abilities) as your Job Command.

After playing around with jobs and abilities, it’s high time to return to Caldisla to formulate a plan to proceed.

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