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Bravely Default

Early Spring; Teddy (Lv.99)

Vincent Lau

Hang on, that’s not Belphegor, nor is it anything remotely resembling a “teddy” (unless you blur your eyes). Rather, get ready for a rematch with the Grapp Keep Automatons on maximum overdrive!

Level HP Weak to
99 200,000 Lightning

To no-one’s surprise, these robots are tough, comparable to any of the (+) Nemeses you may have encountered. Although conveniently enough, you can use similar strategies to take them on.

That said, we wouldn’t really advise tackling them head-on, unless you enjoy suffering physical pain.

Each robot can punch one character for moderate damage or fire off a Rocket Punch to damage the party. Neither attack is particularly deadly, but when there are three robots and each robot can Brave once for two attacks per turn, the damage adds up really fast.

To add insult to injury, these spring-loaded robots will use Overclocking to boost their Aim (to inflict greater damage) and Speed (to try and outrun your party). They can use Self-Repair to recover 9999 HP too.

For a straightforward victory, simply use the Stillness and Hasten World strategy with the appropriate Agility and Speed buffs (eg. Fox Tails/Falcon Knives and Hermes Shoes), commonly used to smite the (+) Nemeses.

One character must be a Performer with the Spiritmaster job command, Steady MP Recover (Conjurer), Speed 10% Up (Thief), Hasten World (Time Mage) and equipment to boost them up to 145 Agility (or 132 Agility with Speed 20% Up instead).

The other three characters should be Vampires (preferably) with the Swordmaster job command, Zero (Arcanist), Speed 10% Up, Speed 30% Up and all equipment that boosts Agility.

First, have your three Vampires use their abilities on a pitiful enemy mob until their MP ends in zero to trigger the Zero ability before engaging the killer robots.

On your initial turn, have your Vampires use Free Lunch followed by three lots of Thundaja for approximately 3 lots of 9999 damage on each robot. Your Performer should use Love Rush and Stillness.

As usual, once the commands have been set, turn on Auto-Battle and watch the battle run like clock-work. It barely took us 2 minutes to nail the robots even with their beefy 200,000 HP.

If you don’t have Thundaja, your attackers can be Summoners using Deux Ex or Black Mages with Thundaga; the robots have no Magic Defense so it’s easy to land big numbers on them.


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