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Bravely Default

Sub-Scenario: Basement Conspirers

Vincent Lau

When the coast is clear, sneak into Eternian Central Command and navigate through the basement, via the stairs by the first floor’s left wing. Make for the prison on the bottom-most floor, where Edea had to spring her companions back in Chapter 4. In the top-right corner, some sneaky individuals are discussing some very sneaky plans…

Boss: Qada, DeRosa and Profiteur

Level HP Weak to
66 65,000 (Qada), 75,000 (DeRosa), 70,000 (Profiteur) Nothing

These three “gentlemen” can be tricky if not properly tamed. Qada will gleefully chuck Poison Hi-Potions your way, so prepare defenses against poison–Esunaga will suffice, unless you can spare an accessory slot for a Star Pendant or have Poison Immunity from a Freelancer.

DeRosa will pelt your party with Thundara and use Captivating Cologne to Charm one. When you’re facing multiple opponents, being immobilized by Charm can be fatal, so be sure to have Charm Immunity (your healer can wear Lamia’s Tiara).

Finally we have Profiteur who does a fixed 2000 damage with Takeover, which he’ll use twice once he’s gained 1 BP from Defaulting. With luck, your characters may have more than 4000 HP, enough to survive two lots of Takeover, although you also need to survive Qada and DeRosa’s hits too.

Focus on DeRosa first; while you do so, have a Thief with Rob Blind mug his Hermes Shoes (adds 20 Agility; essential!). Don’t bother robbing the other two, as Profiteur is carrying nothing despite his wealth, while Qada just has a Dragon Fang.

Leave Qada for last because his Dark Breath will K.O. your characters if he’s taken heavy damage; if he’s unscratched, it’ll do zero damage. For defense, equip Abate Lightning to weaken Thundara and use Rampart to block the other attacks.

Qada and Profiteur will both Default on occasions. To deal with this, you could split up your attacks or focus all your attacks on the turn the madman attacks. Or brute force them with Default-piercing attacks/abilities. When it’s time to take out Qada, use Rampart with more frequency or Utsusemi to keep his ghastly breath at bay.


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