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Bravely Default

Ba al iv; Goldie (Lv.99, Lv.20, Plus)

Vincent Lau

The second and final guest Nemesis from Bravely Second; Goldie is still tough, but not nearly as complicated as Turtle Dove.

For this challenge, your party should have Confuse immunity (Swordmaster or Rainbow Dress) and a range of powerful group-hitting attacks, such as the Time Mage’s Meteor or the Vampire’s Firestorm.

Level HP Weak to Absorbs
99 500,000 Lightning, Aquatic Water

For its attacks, the super-sized goldfish can slam into one of your characters or use Bouncy Balls to damage everyone in battle–friend and foe and even itself. Goldie’s attacks are all physical, so the Ninja’s Utsusemi and/or Templar’s Rampart will keep your party from harm. It also uses Festival Lights to inflict Confuse on everyone–including itself on rare occasions.

Circle Of Life

Every now and then, Goldie will use Incubation to spawn three little fishes called Comets; these children can attack your characters or use Rapid Growth to boost their attack and add Regen. After a short while, Goldie will use Cannibalism to eat a Comet, restoring HP equal to the Comet’s remaining HP and absorbing its buffs and BP.

As the Comets have 10,000 HP each and Regen heals Goldie for 15,000 HP per turn, you really don’t want Goldie to grab a snack. What you should aim to do is build up BP in preparation of Incubation and then spam your group-hitting moves to kill off the Comets and damage Goldie at the same time.

Just be aware that Goldie and its Comets Default on occasions, so don’t be surprised if your damage fails to kill every Comet. Should Goldie manage to snatch Regen off a Comet, simply use Dispel from a White Mage to get rid of it. If you can deal with the Comets promptly, Goldie should be a cinch; also enjoy the massive experience thanks to all the Comets spawned!

Level 20 Version

Level HP Weak to Absorbs
20 15,000 Lightning, Aquatic Water

Level 20 Goldie has the exact same moveset as its higher Level cousin, besides not knowing Festival Lights. In some regards, it’s like a weaker version of Rusalka, the Temple of Water boss, except you can’t reliably reduce damage from Goldie’s Bouncy Ball.

Plus Version

Level HP Weak to Absorbs
99 999,999 Lightning, Aquatic Water

If you thought regular Goldie was hard, Goldie(+) is here to make you dizzy with its 127 Speed and Slow and Steady to further improve its Speed. The freakish goldfish and its babies also have sturdier defenses so even Meteor or Firestorm barely make a dent.

That said, there are ways to get by, the easiest of which is the tried and tested Hasten World and Stillness strategy. So long as your characters are fast enough, you can quickly poke the fishies and then hide behind Stillness and your Confuse immunity.

However, damage may be a problem. Goldie(+) has next to 1 million HP and the smaller Comets have just under 100 thousand HP with the ability to recover 9999 HP each turn. So even if you can survive the onslaught, you need to deal enough damage so the battle doesn’t last an eternity.

Fortunately, there’s a way to kill two fishes with one stone–and that’s by relying on the Thief’s Godspeed Strike. Since your characters must be fast anyway, you can use their insane Speed to power up Godspeed Strike, which itself is a very powerful move.

To ensure Goldie never moves first, equip everybody with Fox Tails or Falcon Knives in both hands (Dual Wield not necessary). Your damage-dealers should be Thieves with the Freelancer’s job command, the Hermes Shoes and Speed 30% Up (Thief). One of the Thieves should also have Speed 20% Up.

Your Stillness user should be a Performer with the Spiritmaster’s job command, Hermes Sandals (not Shoes), Speed 20% Up, Hasten World and Steady MP Recover (Conjurer).

On Turn 1, have your Stillness user cast Love Rush to raise the party’s Speed and Stillness. Your fastest Thief (the one with Speed 30% and 20% Up) should use Examine and Godspeed Strike on Goldie. Everyone else should use Mimic four times.

On Turn 3, repeat the same moves as before, but replace Examine and Godspeed Strike with Godspeed Strike and Mimic. Then turn on Auto-Battle and go browse the Internet or something.

Don’t worry about Goldie eating the Comets and restore HP; with the extra BP from Hasten World, it will only bother to Brave for an onslaught of attacks or Default to trigger Slow and Steady. Once Goldie perishes, pick off the Comets in the same manner.


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