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Thief (Thievery)

Vincent Lau

The Thief is a light-weight job that’s a dab hand at pilfering from unsuspecting enemies. It has excellent Dexterity and Agility–the latter is one of the best stats, contributing to evasion, number of hits and earlier turn order. Meanwhile, its other stats are adequate, not counting its poor Intelligence and Mind; best you kept your Thief away from enemy magic.

As an early job, Thief is fairly robust thanks to its high Agility (and thus Speed), allowing it to act before the enemy. It does decent damage with bows too and its Life Steal is great in a pinch. However you’ll probably want to shelve it eventually (or keep it as a secondary job) as its damage output drops compared to other jobs.

What makes Thieves special is their ability to steal items from enemies and even bosses. For the record, there’s no item that can only be stolen from enemies, so don’t worry about missing an item for your collection because of an already-defeated boss. However, there are some good items that we recommend you steal.


Equipment Rank
Daggers S
Bows A
Swords, Katana and Knuckles C
All other weapons E
Shields, Helms and Armor E

Specialty: Master Thief

Doubles the base rate of stealing abilities. Without this ability, you’ll have a tough time making use of the Thief’s stealing abilities because of their low rate. With it, the rate is just about right.

Level 1: Steal

Has a 25% chance of stealing an item from one enemy. If you have Master Thief or the Thief Gloves, add 25% to the steal rate (for a maximum of 75% or, when Prayer is active, a 100% rate!). Stealing is great (in this game; not in real life!) as you can obtain potions, compound items and even equipment for free! Just note that for some items, the steal rate drastically drops.

Level 2: Abate Wind

Reduces damage taken from wind-based attacks (doesn’t stack with equipment). When facing enemies with wind-based attacks, this ability will help immensely.

Level 3: Speed 10% Up

Raises the character’s Speed by 10%. Helpful for acting earlier in battle.

Level 4: Life Thief

Attack one enemy, with a 75% chance of restoring your HP equal to the damage done. This ability is ace for hurting the enemy and healing your character at the same time. Just beware not to use it against Undead enemies, like Zombies, as you’ll lose HP instead!

Level 5: Speed 20% Up

Raises the character’s Speed by 20%. Now your chances of acting earlier in battle are even higher.

Level 6: Mug

Attack one enemy with a 25% chance of stealing an item (50% with Master Thief or the Thief Gloves; 75% with both). Damage an enemy AND steal from them? We couldn’t ask for more… Now you’ve no excuse not to steal from enemies, unless you’re running out of MP of course.

Level 7: Raid

When your party gets a first strike or starts with 1 BP (called a “Brave Attack”) during battle, all allies with receive an extra 1 BP. With this ability, any battle advantage you get becomes extra-advantageous! By the way, the chance of a first strike is affected by Dexterity, while the chance of a Brave Attack rises with Agility–conveniently, both stats that a Thief excels in.

Level 8: Dagger Lore

Raises the arms aptitude for Daggers to S. Now your character can gain the highest Attack bonus for Daggers in any job.

Level 9: Godspeed Strike

Attack one enemy with an attack that replaces Physical Attack with Speed and negates the enemy’s Defense. This ability is extremely powerful in the hands of a high Speed character; only issue is that it’s fairly costly, requiring 2 extra turns on top of the one to use it.

Level 10: Master Thief

Doubles the base rate of stealing abilities. Same as the Thief’s Specialty except you can pass it onto different jobs. The support cost is crazy though, considering the Thief Gloves does the same thing for one accessory slot.

Level 11: Rob Blind

Each time you steal an item, you steal two instead. This ability is as amazing as it sounds. See that enemy carrying an awesome Hermes Shoes? Now you can get two for the price of one! As soon as you get this ability, slap it onto your Thief.

Level 12: Shake Down

Steal an item from all enemies with a 25% success rate for each (increased to 50% with Master Thief or the Thief Gloves; 75% with both). Fantastic when there are 3 or more enemies; combine with Rob Blind for hilarious results.

Level 13: Speed 30% Up

Raises the character’s Speed by 30%. You can never have too much Speed; seriously.

Level 14: Burgle and Buff

Raise Physical Attack by 25% when you steal an item or HP using a Thief’s ability. It takes a while to get this ability, but it’s great when paired with Life Thief for increased HP recovery.


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