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Bravely Default

Vampire (Vampirism)

Vincent Lau

The deathly Vampire utilizes monstrous abilities to strike fear into its foes and send them scurrying into the night. Its stats are well-balanced and it can use many weapons well. What makes the Vampire unique is that it can learn certain abilities from monsters.

As a reward from a long and arduous quest, the Vampire luckily doesn’t disappoint! Vampires can learn an impressive range of abilities from monsters via Genome Drain and then use them with Genome Ability. The tough part is trying to figure out which abilities can be learned and where to find them (which isn’t a problem when you have our guide).

Even without Genome Abilities, Vampires are a fantastic job to have. Their Blood Thirst and Magic Thirst absorbs the enemy’s HP or MP for no cost whatsoever. Meanwhile, Absorb Stats lowers ones of the enemy’s key stats, while raising it for your Vampire–a win-win scenario!


Equipment Rank
Rods, Staves and Daggers S
Swords A
Axes and Spears B
Knuckles C
Bows and Katana E~D
Shields A
Helms and Armor E

Specialty: Genome Drain

The user can learn certain monster abilities when hit by them; these abilities can be used via the “Genome Ability” command ability. Altogether, there are 29 Genome Abilities (25 recorded in D’s Journal and 4 unrecorded) that can be learned. Note that all characters can use a Genome Ability once a character has learned it; nifty!

Level 1: Genome Ability

Use one of the Vampire’s Genome Abilities learned via Genome Drain. In total, there are 29 Genome Abilities that you can use–each has its own effect and cost. Considering one job has up to 14 abilities, the Vampire is literally spoilt for choice when it comes to abilities.

For a full list of abilities, please check the Genome Ability List.

Level 2: Absorb Physical Damage

The user restores HP equal to 30% of the damage when hit by a physical attack, providing they aren’t brought to zero HP. So long as your Vampire can survive the attack in the first place, this is a fine way of reducing the damage from physical attacks.

Level 3: Blood Thirst

Attack one enemy and restore HP equal to the damage done. It hurts the enemy, while healing your character and costs nothing too; no complaints at all! Just don’t use it on Undead enemies or you’ll end up worse than you started.

Level 4: Bloodlust

The user’s Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Defense and Magic Defense each rise by 25% for five turns when the user fells an enemy. An easy way of buffing your Vampire as they slaughter enemy mobs.

Level 5: Charm

Has a 75% chance to inflict Charm on one target. Enemies that are charmed will attack its friends and use abilities to aid your characters.

Level 6: Magic Thirst

Absorb MP from one enemy equal to 10% of the damage of a normal attack. Fantastic for restoring MP in the heat of battle. Once again, avoid using this on Undead, as you’ll lose MP instead.

Level 7: Monster Ability Up

Raises the damage of Genome Abilities by 1.25 times. Essential if you’re using Genome Abilities often.

Level 8: Battle Thirst

Absorb 1 BP from one enemy; doesn’t work on bosses. Since it costs a turn to use this (equivalent to 1 BP), your Vampire doesn’t really benefit, but the enemy will certainly feel the burn.

Level 9: Subvert

Has a 50% chance to inflict Charm on all enemies. Less reliable than Charm, but handy when there are many enemies. Just note that enemies will snap out of Charm when hit, so if you charm multiple enemies, the effect won’t last very long when they’re all whacking each other.

Level 10: Self-Restore

User restores all HP at the end of a battle. Excellent when you’re travelling the world map or dungeons.

Level 11: Absorb Stats

Lowers the enemy’s Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Attack or Magic Defense (you choose) by 25% and increase your Vampire’s corresponding stat by 25%. Great for bosses that hit hard; dropping a boss’s massive Physical Attack may benefit you more than upping your party’s Physical Defense (or you can do both!).

Level 12: Drain Attack Up

Raises the damage of all drain attacks to 1.5 times; Battle Thirst now steals 2 BP. Whistle If you thought Blood Thirst and the like were awesome already, they’re about to become overkill.

Level 13: Genome Drain

The user can learn certain monster abilities when hit by them. Note that all characters can use a Genome Ability once a character has learned it.

Level 14: Rise from Dead

At the end of each turn, the user has a 50% chance of reviving from K.O. with 25% HP. This ability isn’t completely fool-proof, but boy is it going to be hard to keep your Vampire down!


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