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Bravely Default

Ninja (Ninjutsu)

Vincent Lau

The sneaky Ninja fights with speed and evasion techniques; it also prefers to dual-wield weapons. The Ninja has adequate Strength and excellent Agility and Dexterity; with the right weapons, they can dish out great damage with their large number of hits.

Ninjas are an excellent physical job and well-recommended. Though their raw Strength pales in comparison to the likes of the Pirate, their superior Agility makes up for this. Plus with their Dual Wield ability, their normal attacks hit enemies more times than other jobs, without sacrificing their damage output.

Then we come to their unique abilities like Utsusemi, which guarantees evasion of one physical attack, making them a master of defense. Combined with Transience, which counter-attacks with each evade, and the Red Mage’s Turn Tables, which boosts BP by 1 with each evade, and you’ve got yourself a lean mean fighting machine.


Equipment Rank
Daggers S
Katana B
Swords C
All other weapons E~D
Shields, Helms and Armor E

Specialty: Dual Wield

When equipping weapons onto both hands, each weapon’s attack power is not reduced by 50%. Without this ability, equipping two weapons makes you no better off, as you’re equipping two weapons with half their original attack. Now you can wield two weapons with their full power.

It’s similar to the Knight‘s Two-Handed in a way, as you’re effectively doubling your weapons’ attack. However having two weapons has its benefits, not least the fact that Dual Wield grants slightly higher Attack versus Two-Handed. Additionally, you can have two Special Moves if you’ve equipped two different types of weapons.

Level 1: Shippujinrai

Attack one enemy at the start of the turn. Basically, Bravely Default’s version of Quick Attack. Good for finishing off weak enemies before they heal themselves.

Note that if multiple abilities that trigger at start of the turn are used, then the characters’ Speed (give or take a random factor) determines who goes first. So if your Knight uses Full Cover to protect an ally, an enemy Ninja will likely finish off your ally with Shippujinrai first, as they have higher Speed.

Level 2: Transience

The user counter attacks if the enemy’s single-target attack misses him or her. Works extremely well when paired with Utsusemi for guaranteed evasion and the Swordmaster’s Counter Amp to increases its damage.

Level 3: Evade 10% Up

Raises the character’s Evade by 10%. Makes the enemies’ abilities more likely to miss and drops their number of hits.

Note that Evade is usually very low on most characters to begin with; since this ability is a multiplier, you’ll need to gain some Evade before noticing any substantial effects.

Level 4: Utsusemi

Evade one physical attack–can be a single-target or group-hitting attack. Recommended for physical bosses, of which there are many; certain physical bosses can be killed with four Ninjas taking no damage. Equip Transience, Comeback Kid, the Swordmaster’s Counter Amp and the Red Mage’s Turn Tables for hilarious effect.

Level 5: Comeback Kid

Physical Attack and Magic Attack each rise by 25% for three turns when a physical attack is evaded. Buff your Ninja after each Utsusemi evade? Yes, please!

Level 6: Ikkikasei

For this turn, increases the user’s number of attacks by 100% (doubled in most cases). What this means is that your normal attacks (when you choose the Attack command) will do twice the number of hits; for example, if you did 8 hits before, you’ll now do 16. You’re effectively sacrificing two turns to double your damage for your remaining moves, of which you can have up to three.

Note that the number of hits is capped at 16, unless you have Frenetic Fighting equipped.

Level 7: Cleave

When the user fells an enemy with a normal attack (when choosing the Attack command), there is a chance they’ll do an additional attack. This chance rises the more damage dealt compared to the enemy’s remaining HP. Handy for slaying weak mobs or weakened foes. It’s possible for Cleave to trigger on itself too if you’re lucky.

Level 8: Evasion 20% Up

Raises the character’s Evade by 20%. Dodge more of the enemies’ abilities and lowers the number of hits in their normal attacks.

Level 9: Shunshin

Raise user’s Evade to 150% for six turns. Not a guaranteed evade like Utsusemi, but could be useful when paired together, allowing you to dodge one attack for sure and maybe some of the others.

Level 10: Kairai

At the beginning of the turn, make one character the target of the enemies’ single-target attacks for the duration of the turn. This highly strategic ability lets you choose one character to take the brunt of the attacks–it could be a Knight with imposing defense or a Ninja with Utsusemi.

Level 11: Dual Wield

When equipping weapons onto both hands, each weapon’s attack power is not reduced by 50% and instead retains its full power. Want to make your Pirate extra deadly? Give them two axes instead of one!

Level 12: Kakuremi

Makes the user least likely to be targeted by enemies for five turns. It’s not 100% reliable for avoiding attacks, but can help to keep the heat off your Ninja.

Level 13: Evasion 30% Up

Raises the character’s Evade by 30%. Did you say you wanted more evasion against the enemies’ abilities and normal attacks?

By the way, equipping two abilities–one that boosts a stat by 10% and another that boosts it by 20%–works out slightly better than equipping one that boosts the stat by 30%.

Level 14: Frenetic Fighting

Raises the cap on the number of hits in a normal attack from 16 to 32. For best results, get yourself high Agility to improve your hit count and high Dexterity (Accuracy) so more of your hits connect. Also, field a Time Mage so you can use Quick to up your hit count.


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