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Bravely Default

Valkyrie (Acrobatics)

Vincent Lau

This warrior job specializes in lethal attacks that consume BP. It has good stats in all the right areas, although it doesn’t excel in any. However stats don’t matter so much if you can crush the enemy with your powerful moves.

Valkyries get off to a great start with Crescent Moon, which hits all enemies; conveniently the Valkyrie’s weapon of choice, the Spear, does extra damage when hitting multiple targets. They also like to spend time in the air with Jump, before dropping down with a powerful hit–again, more powerful if used with a spear.

Spirit Barrier is fun to play with, protecting the Valkyrie for damage so long as they have MP to burn. But what makes Valkyries key–especially during the super bosses–is High Jump; if everyone jumps, nobody will take damage if you plan things right…


Equipment Rank
Spears S
Swords and Staves C
All other weapons E~D
Shields, Helms and Armor A

Specialty: Soul Mates

Each time an ally reaches zero HP, the user’s Physical Attack and Magic Attack rise by 25% each. Having fallen friends is never a good thing, but at least you can punish the fiend that felled your friends with an extra-powerful attack.

Level 1: Crescent Moon

Hit all enemies with a physical attack. This ability is great for clearing out mobs and is more efficient the more enemies there are. Use with Spears or Staves for best results, as they do 25% more damage when targeting multiple enemies.

Level 2: Jump

At the end of the turn, the user leaps into the air; next turn, they will drop back down and inflict double damage. Damage is tripled if a Spear is equipped. Be sure to have the Two-Handed ability on to make this move really hurt! With a Spear, this move is awesome–who can say “no” to six times damage for two turns spent?

Level 3: Spear Lore

Raises the arms aptitude for Spears to S. Now your character can gain the highest Attack bonus for Spears in any job.

Level 4: Judgement

Hit one enemy for three times damage. You’re effectively spending three turns for this move, so you’re just doing normal damage per turn. However there may be occasions when you want to do big damage in fewer attacks.

Level 5: Spirit Barrier

Put up a barrier that makes the user immune to damage for ten turns, but they lose MP equal to 10% of the damage. Stops working once the character reaches 0 MP; can also be removed with Dispel. Valkyries won’t be using MP anyway, so this ability is great for drastically reducing damage.

Level 6: Soul Crush

Reduce one enemy’s MP by 10% of the damage of a normal attack. This sounds great for disabling enemy spell-casters, but you’re better off using Silence or outright killing them. It’s also rubbish for bosses, as most have a ridiculous amount of MP; in the time it takes to remove their MP pool, you could have killed them any number of times.

Level 7: BP Skill Amp

Raises the damage of abilities that consume BP by 1.5 times, but those abilities now require 1 more BP to use. This ability is good for making your BP abilities hit harder; however it will take one more turn to use them.

Level 8: Decimate

Allies and enemies with 10% or less of their maximum HP will be reduced to 0 HP (doesn’t work for bosses). Theoretically, this ability works well for a guaranteed kill if you know the enemy has critical HP. However the threshold is rather low and you may as well just use a normal move–and it’ll likely be more reliable too, especially if the enemy had more than 10% HP.

Level 9: High Jump

The user leaps into the air; next turn, they will drop back down and inflict triple damage on one enemy. Damage is multiplied by 4.5 if a Spear is equipped. Whistle This move is insane if used with a Spear; it’s not hard to reach 9999 damage at all. You will need to start with at least 1 BP in reserve before using it, lest your character goes immobile for one turn.

Level 10: Pierce Default

Your character’s damage is not affected by an enemy using Default. Very handy for enemies or bosses with high defenses that frequently Default.

Level 11: Soul Mates

Each time an ally reaches zero HP, the user’s Physical Attack and Magic Attack rise by 25% each. A cheap way of buffing your attack during tough battles or those that easily result in fallen friends.

Level 12: Aerials

When using Jump, High Jump, Sky High or Super Jump, the character stays in the air for one extra turn. The damage dealt rises by 1.5 times and the BP required is increased by 1 (except for Sky High). This is an excellent alternative to BP Skill Amp for the aforementioned four abilities–you still have to pay 1 more BP, but you’ll be in the air for one more turn, cancelling out the cost.

Level 13: Sky High

The user begins the battle in the air and drops down on the first turn, dealing double damage to one enemy. Damage is tripled when a Spear is equipped. Say “hello” to automatic Jump; this is better as you don’t have to waste a turn, potentially getting hit.

Level 14: Super Jump

The user leaps into the air; next turn, they will drop back down and inflict double damage to all enemies. Damage is tripled if a Spear is equipped. This is a nice combination of Crescent Moon and Jump; the poor enemies won’t know what hit them!


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