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Bravely Default

Sub-Scenario: Black Blades

Vincent Lau

Sneak into Starkfork, headquarters of the Swordbearers, to find the Black Blades in the middle of a retreat. At this stage, Barbarossa has temporarily been put in charge–and the Captain’s first order at the top of the chain-in-command? Why, it’s to provide the Black Blade’s special brand of “hospitality” to Edea and the others…

Boss: Barbarossa, Qada, Praline, Kikyo and Kamiizumi

Level HP Weak to
70 85,000 (Barbarossa), 75,000 (Qada and Kikyo), 70,000 (Praline), 80,000 (Kamiizumi) Lightning (Barbarossa), Nothing (Other four)

When the battle begins, you’ll only face four of the Black Blades. However, once you send at least one of them packing, Kamiizumi will come in to support what’s left of his crew. All of the Black Blades are tough in their own rights, but this battle is almost unfair!

Praline will gleefully use My Hero to increase her party’s BP by 1 for absolutely no cost. If you’re running a standard party, you will likely reach a deadlock as the Black Blades rain down a multitude of attacks with their increased pool of BP.

The best way to deal with the Blades’ fury is to have a Knight with Dual Shields and maximum defense as a decoy. Use the Ninja‘s Kairai to make all the single-hitting, physical-based enemies waste their hits on the Knight, doing 1 damage if you’re properly kitted out, while your free hands punish the Blade of your choice.

To make your life easier, focus on Praline first, to stop her feeding the others BP. Next, take out whoever you want, but leave Qada for last, as his Dark Breath will waste your Knight when he’s taken significant damage. Kikyo and Kamiizumi are annoying with their counters, but their counter attacks will be safely directed onto the Knight if Kairai is used.

When Qada’s by his lonesome, relieve your Knight of his or her decoy duty and have the Ninja use Kairai and Utsusemi to focus Qada’s hits on him or her. When Qada Braves, he will begin with Dark Breath, which will miss its mark if Utsusemi is used, allowing you to avoid unnecessary fatalities.


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