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Bravely Default

Performer (Singing)

Vincent Lau

This iconic superstar uses the power of song to support its allies. Its attributes are on the weak side, but it has decent Agility, making it a reliable healer job. Your Performer can spend most of its days singing songs, while working a part-time job as a White Mage.

The Performer has a variety of songs that buff all manner of stats; better still, its buffs affect your whole party. Its debut song, Love Power, is one of the best, upping your party’s Physical Attack. If you need protection against the enemy’s onslaught, listen to Got Your Back to raise Physical Defense or Key to Your Heart for Magic Defense.

While Salve-maker makes for a more efficient healer with Healing Lore, Performer isn’t too far behind with its buffs and superior Agility. Against certain bosses, you might prefer the Performer’s faster healing and buffs over the Salve-maker, especially if you can steal its Healing Lore.


Equipment Rank
Rods, Staves and Daggers S
Swords A
Knuckles C
All other weapons E
Shields, Helms and Armor D

Specialty: Save Singing MP

Halves the MP cost of Singing. Now you can sing from evening until morning and enjoy more of those buffs!

Level 1: Love Power

Raise the party’s Physical Attack by 25% for four turns. Batter the enemy with your improved physical attacks.

Note that, Special Moves aside, the maximum buff you can have for stats like Physical Attack is 50%, so two lots of Love Power will raise your party’s Attack to the max.

Level 2: Love Rush

Raise the party’s Speed by 25% for four turns. Helps your party to move earlier in battle, paving the way for victory.

Level 3: One More for You

Raise a character’s BP by 1. Sacrifice your own turn and some MP to give somebody an extra turn. Useful for getting characters with negative BP back into action or for funding abilities that cost BP.

Level 4: Got Your Back

Raise the party’s Physical Defense by 25% for four turns. Reduce the damage your party receives from physical onslaughts.

Level 5: Key to Your Heart

Raise the party’s Magic Defense by 25% for four turns. Perfect for when your party is getting hammered by powerful magic.

Level 6: Support Amp

Add 10% to buffs and subtract 10% from debuffs on your character. If you use Love Power, your character’s Physical Attack will rise by 35% instead of 25%. A quick and easy way of improving your buffs.

Level 7: Little Devil

Raise the party’s Magic Attack by 25% for four turns. Makes your magic spells extra damaging to the enemy.

Level 8: Catch Me

Greatly increase the user’s chance of being targeted by enemies for five turns. Handy for specific decoy tactics. Not particularly useful for your likely fragile Performer, but better in the hands of bulkier characters.

Level 9: Buff Up

At the end of each turn, the user’s Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Defense and Magic Defense each rise by 5% for five turns. As the battle goes on, your character will get stronger and stronger, provided they don’t receive a K.O. Great for long boss battles.

Level 10: Prolong Support

Doubles the number of turns that buffs apply to the user. For example, Love Power’s 25% Physical Attack buff will now last eight turns on the user. A cheap and cheerful way of maximizing your buffs.

Level 11: Charm Immunity

Gives your character immunity to Charm. Prevents your character from aiding the enemy or attacking your allies.

Level 12: Save Singing MP

Halves the MP cost of Singing. Great if Performer is a character’s secondary job, as those songs are rather costly without this ability.

Level 13: Zero Sum

Drops all enemies’ BP to zero, providing they have one or more BP. Fantastic for enemies that Default to build up BP for a mighty onslaught or those with a regular income of BP.

Level 14: My Hero

Raise all allies’ BP by 1 (except for the user). Essentially your Performer sacrifices three of their turns to give one turn to each of the other three characters. Bonkers when combined with the Freelancer’s Mimic, which negates further cost for the same action.

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