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Bravely Default

Sub-Scenario: Bloodrose Legion

Vincent Lau

Visit fair Florem and the four top members of the Bloodrose Legion will discuss their orders to pull back in DeRosa’s secret laboratory. While they wait for a ship home, the Legion’s leader, Fiore DeRosa ends up provoking his three female subordinates with his idea of a “fun time”. As the four reach an impasse, who would walk in but Edea and company?

Boss: Einheria, DeRosa, Artemia, Mephilia

Level HP Weak to
70 70,000 (Einheria), 80,000 (DeRosa), 75,000 (Artemia), 65,000 (Mephilia) Fire (Artemia), Nothing (Other three)

Compared to the previous two battles, this one is really tough. You may have fought the three Venus sisters together in Chapter 6 and it was likely a brutal battle; things aren’t suddenly going to get easier with pesky DeRosa added into the picture…

The three sisters all hit your party hard–Einheria with Crescent Moon, Artemia with Multi-Burst and Mephilia with Girtablulu–and their captain, DeRosa, is no slouch either with his Thundara. Abate Earth and Abate Lightning would be greatly beneficial for reducing the magic damage, while Rampart and Utsusemi can deflect some physical damage.

Keep Charm Immunity on your characters (Lamia’s Tiara for your healer) so DeRosa doesn’t catch you off-guard with Captivating Cologne and have the White Magic Esunaga prepared to cure Fear. If you have spare BP on your Spiritmaster, you can cast Fairy Ward to stave off Charm and Fear too.

For this battle, you’ll have to be efficient to manage the enemy’s potentially large damage output; if you’re unlucky all four may use their group-hitting moves in one turn… Default (combined with Default Guard) until Einheria and/or Artemia have -1 BP or when you reach 3 BP, then prepare a counter-offensive. At this time, you can also cast Adaptation to trivialize DeRosa and Mephilia’s magic.

Ideally you want to clear out either Einheria and Artemia first or DeRosa and Mephilia first, so you don’t have to multi-task by protecting yourself from both physical and magic attacks. Keep in mind that Einheria is stubborn with Spirit Barrier, which you must Dispel, and DeRosa can build up BP fast with his Revenge ability as you keep hitting him.

If you’re struggling, have a Spiritmaster call for a ceasefire with Stillness. During the two turns of no damage, you can patch up your party, Default to build up BP or drop the enemy’s stats. Now might also be the time to have a Salve-maker compound a Beast Liver followed by a Dragon Fang to double a character’s HP, doubling their survival odds.


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