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Bravely Default

Sub-Scenario: Ranger Asterisk

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) You’ll have spoken to this woman earlier, but you’ll need to speak to her again to progress this sub-scenario.

You’ll have spoken to this woman earlier, but you’ll need to speak to her again to progress this sub-scenario. (left), (right)

After completing the research for the Sacred Flower Festival, this sub-scenario will pop up. First, speak to the woman standing by the junction just outside of the Matriarch’s home in Florem to learn about the petalhue dye.

Next, head to the city entrance and chat to the female merchant by the city entrance to discover the dye is being sold at ridiculous prices. Return to the woman by the junction and Ringabel will suggest visiting the trader’s store. Inside the store, you’ll find out the merchants come to Florem from the east. Well, that’s all the information we need, ta!

Tailing The Traders

Leave Florem and travel directly east, in search of the blue exclamation mark outside the city. In the forest area to the north-east, you’ll catch up to the travelling merchants and a battle with a Legion Impaler and Legion Mage will ensue. Use thunder magic or sword magic to take down the Impaler and strong physical attacks to end the Mage.

If you struggled during this battle, it may be wise to head back for now, especially if you came here fresh from town. Ideally you want to gain a few levels and purchase the improved gear from Florem. But if you reckon you’re prepared, carry on heading east until you reach a giant tree–enter and a boss battle with a crazy little lady will commence.

Boss: Artemia Venus

Level HP Weak to
25 15,000 Fire

The Ranger is accompanied by a Legion Impaler and Mage–clear out the lackeys first or the battle will become a real struggle. On the first turn you may wish to Default, then unleash powerful attacks to fell Artemia’s bodyguards on the next turn.

Artemia herself can hit pretty hard with Targeting on single-targets and Multi-Burst, which dishes out damage randomly amongst the whole party. Make sure to keep your party members alive, as the fewer members you have, the more concentrated the damage from Multi-Burst will be.

In terms of your own attacks, fire magic or sword magic is great as Artemia is naturally weak against fire. Although she has high HP, her defenses aren’t great, so doing damage shouldn’t be tricky. Occasionally Artemia will Default, which can reduce your damage, so try to limit unloading attacks on a single turn.

As Artemia reaches low HP, she will Brave and use Multi-Burst twice–you definitely want to Default to avoid this onslaught of attacks. After this she will become immobile for a turn, so patch up your characters and drop all your attacks on her.

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