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Bravely Default

Eternia City

Vincent Lau

Your first call of duty is to reach the city of Eternia–the main entrance is blockaded, so you need to detour around Frostpeak Passage to the south. From the mooring area, head left and follow the snowy mountain trail until you reach a giant, menacing monster blocking your path–approach it to begin a mini-boss battle.

Boss: Ice Golem

Level HP Weak to
43 60,000 Fire

This massive golem holds no punches, using Freezing Punch to inflict heavy damage onto one character and cause Stop. It also uses Blizzard Blast to damage the whole party. For an easy win, equip as many Ice Charms (or the White Mage‘s Abate Water) as possible to reduce the golem’s water-based attacks and the Iceflame Shield on your healer to negate them outright.

Stop Immunity from a Time Mage is also useful for avoiding Stop. With the appropriate protection, this battle should be a breeze and not a blizzard. Just watch your HP and focus on retaliating with fire-based moves or weapons.

Eternia City

After smashing the golem, you’re now free to continue into the city of Eternia. Upon entering the city, Edea’s classmate will come and inform Edea that her mother has been admitted into hospital. Hurriedly make your way to the building to the north–the Central Healing Tower–and go inside.

At the top of the stairs, the nurse will lead Edea and friends into the room where Edea’s mother is. Edea and her mother will have much to discuss–including Edea’s rebellious actions of late. Out in the city, inspect the corner immediately to the left of the Central Healing Tower to find somebody’s lost medicine–an Elixir.

Search the snowy area to the far right of the city to uncover a piece of Arctic Wind. As usual, since you’ve come to a new town, do visit the armory, trader and magic shops to see if there’s anything of interest; watch out that a lot of the goods are quite pricey. When you’re ready to depart, head for the far left of the city to find the exit.


Item Price Comment
Flametongue 15000 Attacks do Fire damage
War Axe 18000 -
Cross Spear 14000 More damage to Undead monsters
Wizard’s Rod 9000 -
Staff of Life 12000 Use as an item to cast Cure
Assassin Dagger 10000 May inflict instant Death on enemy
Killer Bow 14800 May inflict instant Death on enemy
Kotetsu 14500 -
Toxic Claws 9800 May inflict Poison on enemy
Adamant Shield 7500 -
Adamant Helm 4500 -
Circlet 4000 -
Adamant Hat 4200 -
Adamant Armour 15000 -
Gaia Gear 11000 Earth attacks do more damage
Adamant Vest 10000 -
Adamant Gauntlets 3000 -
Adamant Bangle 2500 Increases Maximum HP
Barrier Shroud 10000 Increases Magic Defense
Rebuff Locket 8000 Provides immunity to Charm


Item Price Comment
Potion 20 Restores 150 HP
Hi-Potion 150 Restores 500 HP
X-Potion 1500 Restores 1500 HP (new item!)
Phoenix Down 100 Revives from K.O.
Ether 1000 Restores 40 MP
Turbo Ether 5000 Restores 150 MP (new item!)
Antidote 10 Cures Poison
Eye Drops 20 Cures Blind
Echo Herbs 25 Cures Silence
Wakeup Bell 50 Cures Sleep
Balsam 100 Cures Dread
Remedy 500 Cures a variety of status ailments
Teleport Stone 100 Return to dungeon entrance


Item Price Comment
Esunaga 3200 Cures your party’s status ailments
Curada 3200 Restores a lot of HP
Aeroga 3200 Major Wind damage
Firaga 3200 Major Fire damage
Blizzaga 3200 Major Water damage
Thundaga 3200 Major Lightning damage
Quicken 3200 Increases Hit Count
Stop 3200 May inflict Stop on an enemy
Quaga 3200 Major Earth damage


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