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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-02-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 01:31 GMT

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Chapter 2: The Water Crystal

Mount Fragmentum

Not sure where to find the mountain? Head east from Florem and make your way back towards Miasma Woods, then head east before the woods.

This ominous-sounding mountain sits between the Florem and Yulyana regions and is your only passage to Yulyana Woods at present. The path here is similar to Norende Ravine, at the very beginning of the game, except you’re now travelling from west to east.


Enemy Tips : As you’re climbing the trail, be extra vigilant against the monsters obstructing your passage. Grizzly Bears can use Salmon Swipe to dish out big damage to your whole party–you don’t want to face two of these together and with first strike against you.

White Caits cast Protect and Shell to boost physical and magical defences, but they’re pretty flimsy themselves. Chompers are fast little critters that run away at the earliest sign of danger or inflict poison on your characters–if you encounter these, shower all your attacks on them before they all leg it.

From the mountain entrance, turn left to find a chest containing a lethal Ripper (strong against humanoids). Next, follow the narrow path in an easterly direction, where you’ll find chests containing a Remedy and 1000 pg along the way.


In the second area, you’ll be on the mountain slope. Just ahead there’s a chest with 500 pg inside and two paths before you. Take the higher path to find a chest with a Hi-Potion . Meanwhile, the lower path is host to the Anchorite of Water and a chest with an Ether .

Note : Speak to the anchorite when you possess the Summoner asterisk and you’ll be given the choice to accept the ordeal to obtain Ziusudra’s Sin . Do so and an one-side battle will occur with the anchorite summoning Ziusudra’s Sin; survive the massive damage to earn it.

Warning! You will get a Game Over if you get wiped out by an Anchorite. Make sure you save the game before accepting the ordeal.

Equip the Ice Charm from the Temple of Water or Abate Water (Level 7 White Mage ability) onto a character with high magic defence (like a White Mage) to not get totally wiped out. Don’t forget to heal after the ordeal as well!

In any case, no matter which path you pick, you’ll reach the same destination–where you must decide on another two paths, which both lead to the next area.


First, take the higher path to find a chest with a Nodachi . Next, descend the lower path to reach the Adventurer; there’s no exclamation mark beyond, but there’s definitely a boss battle there! As Ringabel states. the big ones always wait at the end…

Boss: Land Turtle

Level HP Weak to
25 15,000 Water, Aquatic

This gigantic monster is a dab hand at dealing damage with its Spin Attack and can reflect magic with Reflection Angle . It will also Default multiple times to defend itself from attacks and build up BP at the same time, before Braving once to unleash two attacks. If you can survive the Land Turtle’s attacks, this battle isn’t too difficult.

Just note that the turtle has high physical defence, so the battle may take a while if you rely on your physical attackers. It has low magic defence and is weak against water; however its Reflect will stop you from using Black Magic for part of the battle.

If you have a fast magic user, cast Blizzara when Reflect disappears (press Left on the circle pad to check enemy stats), but be warned that the order of actions can fluctuate and the turtle may cast Reflect again before your magic user makes a move.

Our advice is to use sword magic (Blizzara) instead, as it deals magical damage, but isn’t reflected. If you have the Summoner asterisk, Ziusudra’s Sin isn’t reflected either and does good damage, but the MP cost is pretty high, barring repeated use.


Once you’ve crushed this last roadblock, head right to leave the mountain; then continue heading east to reach Yulyana’s residence. If your party is exhausted from the previous battle, don’t hesitate to turn off encounters (although the monsters in Yulyana are probably a cakewalk at this stage).

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