Now Tiz will be the only one in the party; you must find and speak with Agnes and Edea who are somewhere on board Grandship. Edea can be found standing in the top-right corner of the deck, where you fought the bitter enemy moments earlier.

After trying your best to comfort Edea, head for the tavern next; Agnes will be solemnly reflecting in the top-right corner, on the upper floor. Having spoken to both, make your way back to the bridge, where Ringabel is waiting. The party will regroup, with renewed convictions. Before seeking the enemy, set a course for Sage Yulyana’s residence.

True Nature of Ouroboros?

The party share their new-found knowledge of the true enemy, Ouroboros, to the Sage but the Sage confesses he’s as clueless as our heroes. However, the time has come for the Sage to reveal his final piece of wisdom–a revelation from thousands of years past warning of the God of Destruction.

(1 of 2) If you’ve gotten here, the Dark Aurora shouldn’t be a major challenge. Still, don’t let your guard down or there’ll be nobody left to save the world…

If you’ve gotten here, the Dark Aurora shouldn’t be a major challenge. Still, don’t let your guard down or there’ll be nobody left to save the world… (left), (right)

With new hopes resting on their shoulders our heroes mean to strike at the heart of the enemy. Once you’re prepared, return to the Great Chasm, at the end of Norende Ravine. At the cliff’s edge, there is a magic circle that serves as an entrance to the **Dark Aurora **above the Great Chasm–enter it to access the final dungeon.

Note: The Dark Aurora is unchanged from the Normal Ending route; for full details, please refer to the Dark Aurora page from that chapter. Then skip ahead to the Altar of Darkness in this chapter to begin the final boss fight.

Tip: If you already did the Normal Ending route and went through the Dark Aurora, any chests you’ve open will remain open and map portions that you’ve seen will still be present.

Additionally, you can now access the bonus dungeon, Dimension’s Hasp. Adventurers, seek the moon-shaped island to the far north-east of the world map, north of Florem (where you found the Susano-o summon). Where there used to be a mountain in the center, there is now hollowed ground that you can enter.

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