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(1 of 2) Phew, finally a place to rest after the trauma of Miasma Woods…

Phew, finally a place to rest after the trauma of Miasma Woods… (left), (right)

To reach the next city, head in a north-westerly direction from Miasma Woods. If you’re reeling from the woodland creatures, you may want to set encounters to zero until you reach the next inn. Once you enter Florem, Land of Radiant Flowers, it becomes apparent that you’ve arrived at Ringabel’s dream town.

However it’s not all roses and sunshine here, as our gang soon discover… Agnes suggests they visit Florem’s Matriarch to learn about the realm’s current affairs. The Matriarch’s abode is located in the next area–head in a north-easterly direction, while in the city, and you’ll find it marked by an orange exclamation mark.

Inside, the Matriarch welcomes Agnes and company and speaks of her woes at Florem’s current, pitiful state. Worse of all, the vestal of water and Agnes’s dear friend, Olivia, has gone into hiding. Although the chances don’t look stellar, maybe the Temple of Water will offer some clues as to her whereabouts.

Trip Around Town

While you’re in the city, relax, check out the sights and stock up on items and new gear. Inside the Matriarch’s home, you can find a Tengu Yawn and Star Pendant if you inspect the back area and the area to the right. Outside the Matriarch’s, check the right side of the large stage up ahead to find a Lilith’s Kiss.

In the initial area; inspect the area left of the magic store to retrieve a Bomb Fragment. Inside the magic store itself you can buy Level 3 White Magic and Black Magic–grab a couple of these if you can afford them (prioritize Cura, Fira and Thundara). After you’ve checked your supplies (and, if you’re Ringabel, checked out all the ladies), exit Florem and travel west to the Temple of Water.


Item Price Comment
Scimitar 2000 -
Valkyrie Halberd 1850 -
Rod of Fire 1500 Fire attacks do more damage
Jade Crossier 1200 -
Frenzy Dagger 1200 May inflict Berserk on enemy
Composite Bow 1950 May inflict Poison on enemy
Spiked Knuckles 1200 -
Cross Shield 1000 -
Yggdrasil Helm 700 -
Laurel Wreath 650 -
Acorn Hat 600 -
Yggdrasil Armour 2000 -
Floral Robe 1500 -
Mirage Vest 1600 -
Earthing Rod 2000 Provides immunity to Paralyze
Peace Ring 2000 Provides immunity to Confuse


Item Price Comment
Potion 20 Restores 150 HP
Hi-Potion 150 Restores 500 HP
Phoenix Down 100 Revives from K.O.
Ether 1000 Restores 40 MP
Antidote 10 Cures Poison
Eye Drops 20 Cures Blind
Echo Herbs 25 Cures Silence
Wakeup Bell 50 Cures Sleep
Balsam 100 Cures Dread (new item!)
Remedy 500 Cures a variety of status ailments (new item!)
Teleport Stone 100 Return to dungeon entrance


Item Price Comment
Cura 800 Restores medium HP
Raise 800 Revives from K.O.
Esuna 800 Cures a variety of status ailments
Fira 800 Moderate Fire damage
Blizzara 800 Moderate Water damage
Thundara 800 Moderate Lightning damage
Haste 400 Increases Speed
Teleport 400 Escape from battle or dungeon
Quara 400 Moderate Earth damage


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