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Bravely Default

Crafting Your Specials

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Special Moves… Just from their name, you can tell they’re going to be useful in battle.

Special Moves… Just from their name, you can tell they’re going to be useful in battle. (left), (right)

Special Moves give your characters a desirable edge in battle, but to get the most out of them, you should give them a closer look. If you go to the “Special” option in the main menu (press X, START or SELECT on the map) and select a character, you can view and customize that character’s Special Moves.

How To Customize

Special Moves are grouped by weapon type and an “E” (equipped) icon will indicate which family of specials your character can currently use. Near the beginning of the game, the list will probably look horribly barren, but it’ll (hopefully) build up as you progress through the game and rebuild more of Norende.

If you hover over a Special Move, you can view the customizable parts as well as the conditions to use the Special Move. To change the parts, just select the Special Move and you’ll access the parts list. Like the Special Moves themselves, the available parts depends on the status of Norende.

Once you’ve set a part, it will immediately come into effect; if you change your mind or get better parts, you can also change the parts at any time from the same menu. Note that if you customize a particular Special Move for one character, it doesn’t affect the same Special Move for a different character.

Attack Parts

For any offensive Special Move (which is most of them), you can set the following parts:


Aligns your special with one of the game’s seven elements. Your Special Move will do 1.5 times more damage if used on an enemy weak against the element. However beware that some enemies may be immune to or absorb damage from certain elements. Pick wisely…

Options: Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark

Power Boost

Increases the damage of your Special Move; begins at 10% extra damage and goes up to 50% extra damage. Obviously you’ll want to pick the highest power boost you have available.

Options: 10% Power Boost, 20% Power Boost, 30% Power Boost, 40% Power Boost, 50% Power Boost


Makes your Special Move effective against a particular enemy family–if used on a member of that family, your special will do 1.5 times more damage.

Options: Beast Slaying, Plant Slaying, Aquatic Slaying, Insect Slaying, Flier Slaying, Undead Slaying, Demon Slaying, Dragon Slaying

Status Ailment

Gives your Special Move a chance of inflicting a certain status ailment.

Options: Poison Touch, Blind Touch, Silence Touch, Sleep Touch, Paralyze Touch, Dread Touch, Charm Touch, Death Touch

Healing Parts

For Rejuvenation (Level 1 Staff Special), you can set these parts instead:

HP Recovery

Increases the amount of HP recovered by Rejuvenation–a higher Level indicates more HP recovered.

Options: HP Recovery Lv.1, HP Recovery Lv.2, HP Recovery Lv.3, HP Recovery Lv.4, HP Recovery Lv.5

Cure Ailment

In addition to healing HP, Rejuvenation will now cure your party of a chosen ailment too.

Options: Cure Poison, Cure Blind, Cure Silence, Cure Sleep, Cure Paralyze, Cure Dread, Cure Berserk, Cure Stop, Cure Confuse, Cure K.O., Cure Charm, Cure Doom

MP Recovery

Makes Rejuvenation restore MP to your party too–a higher Level indicates more MP recovered.

Options: MP Recovery Lv.1, MP Recovery Lv.2, MP Recovery Lv.3, MP Recovery Lv.4, MP Recovery Lv.5

BP Recovery

Increases your party’s BP. As if Rejuvenation couldn’t get any better…

Options: BP Bonus Lv.1, BP Bonus Lv.2

Status-affecting Parts

For Lux (Level 2 Staff Special) and Withering Ripple (Level 2 Rod Special), these parts are applicable:

Consecutive Turns

Prolongs the duration of the Special Move’s effects.

Options: +1 Turn, +2 Turns, +3 Turns, +4 Turns, +5 Turns


Raises your party’s stats or lowers the enemy party’s stats

Lux: M.ATK, Speed Up, P.ATK Up, M.DEF Up, Evade Up, P.DEF Up, Crit Rate Up

Withering Ripple: M.ATK, Speed Down, P.ATK Down, M.DEF Down, Accuracy Down, P.DEF Down

Ailment Resist/Enfeeble

Makes your party less vulnerable to certain ailments or makes the enemy party more susceptible.

Lux: Poison Res Up, Blind Res Up, Silence Res Up, Sleep Res Up, Paralyze Res Up, Dread Res Up, Berserk Res Up, Stop Res Up, Confuse Res Up, Charm Res Up, Doom Res Up, Death Res Up

Withering Ripple: Poison Res Down, Blind Res Down, Silence Res Down, Sleep Res Down, Paralyze Res Down, Dread Res Down, Stop Res Down, Confuse Res Down, Charm Res Down, Death Res Down

Element Resist/Enfeeble

Makes your party resistant to a certain element or makes the enemy party weak.

Lux: Fire Res Up, Water Res Up, Lightning Res Up, Wind Res Up, Earth Res Up, Light Res Up, Dark Res Up

Withering Ripple: Fire Res Down, Water Res Down, Lightning Res Down, Wind Res Down, Earth Res Down, Light Res Down, Dark Res Down


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