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Bravely Default

Four Crystals; Two Paths

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) You can pretend you’re playing New Game Plus!

You can pretend you’re playing New Game Plus! (left), (right)

…And we’re back again at Karl’s inn at Caldisla. By this stage, it should be clear just what’s happened–but the big question is why? Unfortunately nobody has any answers so the best thing you can do is go back to the four crystal temples and awaken the crystals for the umpteenth time.

The low point of Chapter 7 is that the main scenario is completely unchanged. This means there’s zero story progression in this chapter; what a cop out! Still, this world needs your help, so when you’re ready to proceed, awaken the four crystals again and head for the Holy Pillar.

As is the trend, the dark beasts guarding the crystals have received another boost to their stats. However, if you apply the proper protection prior to each battle, you should be able to cruise them with your expert knowledge of their attack patterns and weaknesses. That said, feel free to refer to Chapter 5 for the boss strategies if you need a refresher!

What’s New?

However it’s not all dire news, as starting from this chapter, all the asterisk holder sub-scenarios have been completely re-jigged and are now much, much tougher. Additionally, in this chapter in particular, you can steal some nice gear from each asterisk holder with the Thief’s Steal, Mug or Shake Down abilities.

(1 of 2) Use Mug or the Thief’s Knife to damage and steal at the same time!

Use Mug or the Thief’s Knife to damage and steal at the same time! (left), (right)

Finally–and most importantly–we believe you should now possess enough information to obtain the first ending of the game. Yes, this game actually does end and not with you giving up in frustration! Not only that, but your party should now be fully prepared to deal with the ordeals beyond.

Playing Detective

While the game throws a ton of hints your way, it’s not immediately clear what you should do to end the game. First, we’ll go through some of the hints…

  1. Throughout the course of the game, the Eternians have warned Agnes and company time and time again of the dangers of tampering with the crystals. In particular, Braev is adamant that you’re in the wrong, especially if you fought him in Chapter 5.

  2. During Chapter 6, Ringabel throws many questions, including what happens if Agnes continues praying, what happens when a crystal breaks and whether man could live without the crystals. His memories also put a certain character in a different light…

  3. Near the end of Chapter 6, the Sage reveals the existence of the Evil One, which–if you factor in previous clues–should lead you to suspect a certain character. Then there’s also the sage’s research on broken crystals, as well as the true nature of Agnes’s pendant.

  4. Check the title screen again, where it shows the game logo and subtitle. Wait for a bit and it should hit you before long…

Way to the End

(1 of 2) What happens if you don’t stop? Hm…

What happens if you don’t stop? Hm… (left), (right)

If none of the above made sense, you might be better off continuing with the rest of this chapter. However, if you’ve even a smidgen of a clue about what’s going on and how to proceed, then head for the crystal with the easiest boss–we usually go for the Temple of Water and Rusalka since it’s a doddle with Water and Charm protection.

Once you’ve slain the dark beast, Agnes will pray to the crystal as normal. This time, though, don’t stop pressing the X button even after Airy tells you to stop. After a moment, Airy will tell Agnes to stop, lest she break the crystal–ignore her warnings and continue hammering away at that X button.

Eventually, the party will begin to chip in and, later, even support Agnes in her mysterious endeavor. It will come to the point where Airy becomes desperate and issues her final warning to Agnes…


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