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Jobs Overview

Vincent Lau

Before we dive straight into the meat of things, here’s a quick summary of all 24 Jobs in the game and the earliest opportunity to unlock them! To obtain a Job other than Freelancer, you must defeat the corresponding Asterisk Holder (boss).

Available from Intro

Job Description Asterisk Holder
Freelancer A jack of all trades, master of none. N/A
Monk A no-nonsense brawler who specializes in beefy punches. Barras Lehr
White Mage Your trusty healer who’ll carry you through the early-game. Holly Whyte
Black Mage A versatile spell-caster that can target elemental weaknesses. Ominas Crowe
Knight A chivalrous spirit who protects allies with their tough defenses. Argent Heinkel

Available from Chapter 1

Job Description Asterisk Holder
Thief A dodgy crook who robs items and, if necessary, lives. The Jackal
Merchant A sly business tycoon whose slogan is “pay to win”. Erutus Profiteur
Spell Fencer An exotic sword-fighter who infuses their weapons with magic. Ciggma Khint
Time Mage A potent spell-caster who can bend time and space to their whim. Eloch Quentis Khamer VII

Available from Chapter 2

Job Description Asterisk Holder
Ranger A furry-loving hunter who’s adept at targeting family weaknesses. Artemia Venus
Summoner A spell-caster who summons ethereal beings to cause major damage. Mephilia Venus
Valkyrie A sacred warrior who excels at poking things with lances and aerial assaults. Einheria Venus
Red Mage A crimson-clad spell-caster who knows both Black and White Magic. Fiore DeRosa

Available from Chapter 3

Job Description Asterisk Holder
Salve-maker An eccentric scientist capable of crafting a wide variety of useful items. Qada
Performer A full-time idol who can provide a wealth of buffs for their party. Praline a la Mode
Pirate A rough-and-tumble sea-farer whose axe packs a wallop and can debuff foes. Hayreddin Barbarossa
Ninja A denizen of the shadows who can assassinate targets before they can blink. Konoe Kikyo
Swordmaster A master of katana who punishes foes with powerful counter-attacks. Nobutsuna Kamiizumi

Available from Chapter 4

Job Description Asterisk Holder
Arcanist A sinister spell-caster who brings ruin with their devastating magic and status ailments. Victoria F. Stein
Spiritmaster A holy spell-caster who can wield the power of spirits to assist others. Victor S. Court
Templar A relentless warrior who can both vanquish and protect. Braev Lee
Dark Knight A mysterious knight who’s pledged their soul to the darkness, in exchange for power. Alternis Dim
Vampire A creature of the night who’s out to suck your blood. Can learn abilities from monsters. Lester DeRosso

Available from Chapter 6

Job Description Asterisk Holder
Conjurer A master spell-caster who can invoke the power of summons to massively boost their stats. Sage Yulyana


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