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Bravely Default

Templar (Holy Arts)

Vincent Lau

The holy Templar revels in its formidable offense and defense. Its stats and aptitudes are comparable to the Knight’s, so the two are roughly interchangeable. Whereas the Knight strives to shield its allies, the Templar prefers to use its abilities to smite its foes, though it does offer some protection for its friends.

By the time you get the Templar, there honestly isn’t much need for “another Knight” when you have ace physical jobs like the Pirate or Ninja. However the Templar begs not to be overlooked with its range of unique and impressive abilities. For one, you have Critical Amp, which improves the Templar’s critical hit damage.

Next we come to Default Guard, which greatly reduces the damage the Templar sustains when they use Default. However all of these are icing on the cake that is Rampart, which shields the whole party from one physical attack; terrific for those tough boss fights!


Equipment Rank
Swords S
Spears A
Axes B
Katana C
All other weapons E
Shields and Helms A
Armor S

Specialty: BP Limit Up

Increases the user’s BP limit by one, up to a maximum of 4 BP. In most situations, this ability does nothing; you can still only Brave three times per turn, for a maximum of four actions. Where it comes in handy is when you use abilities with extra BP cost.

For example, if you start at 3 BP and perform 4 actions in one turn, you will burn 4 BP and begin with 0 on the next turn (as you’re given 1 BP at each turn start), ready for further action. If one of those actions consumed 1 BP though, you’d be left at -1 BP on the next turn, leaving your character immobile. But if you had started with 4 BP, you’d end up safely at 0.

Level 1: Heart Strike

Hit one enemy with a guaranteed critical hit (double damage). Since you’re effectively using two turns for this move, double damage isn’t terribly impressive. However, combine it with the Templar’s Critical Amp and then you’ll start smiling.

Level 2: Abate Light

Reduces damage taken from light-based attacks (doesn’t stack with equipment). Enemies with Light-element attacks are relatively rare, but when you come across them, you’ll want this.

Level 3: Physical Defense 20% Up

Raises the character’s Physical Defense by 20%. Lowers the damage your character receives from physical attacks.

Level 4: Giant Slayer

Attack one enemy; deals 1.5 times damage if the enemy has more HP than your character. Great for bosses since they all start with more HP than you.

Level 5: Magic Critical

Magic spells have a 15% chance of doing a critical hit; during a critical hit, damage or healing is doubled. A cheap way of increasing magic damage, but not very reliable by itself; you’d need abilities like the Merchant’s Pay to Win or the Red Mage’s An Eye For an Eye to up your critical rate before you really benefit.

Level 6: Default Guard

When the user Defaults, damage sustained is reduced by 75%. A low-cost ability that works wonders for reducing damage, especially when you Default often anyway.

Level 7: Rampart

All allies are protected from one physical attack each. Your Templar gives up 3 of their turns to protect the whole party from one physical hit. It’s a bit costly, but very effective–although less so in the face of multiple enemies or enemies that attack many times in one turn. Note that you can still suffer ailments and debuffs; the Ninja’s Utsusemi is better in this regard.

Level 8: Item Critical

Items have a 15% chance of doing a critical hit; during a critical hit, damage or healing is doubled. A low-cost method of improving your items, but unreliable without abilities to raise your critical rate. You’re better off using the Salve-maker’s Healing Lore or Attack Item Amp.

Level 9: Radiant Blast

Attack one enemy with Light to do 1.5 times damage; also bypasses the enemy’s Default state. Great for beating down those stubborn enemies that love to Default. The elemental damage is sure to make enemies weak to Light wince as well.

Level 10: Critical Amp

The damage from critical hits is increased by 2.5 times; works with magic and item critical hits too. Makes critical hits extra-damaging and more worth your effort.

Level 11: BP Limit Up

Increases the user’s BP limit by one, up to a maximum of 4 BP. Allows a character to save up 4 BP in any job. It’s cheap, so that’s a plus, but its usefulness largely hinges on your usage of abilities that cost BP.

Level 12: Desperation

Attack one enemy, adding your Physical Defense to your Physical Attack; for that turn, your Physical Defense drops to 75%. Similar to the Knight’s Stomp, except its power rises with your Physical Defense. Not bad at all, considering it costs nothing. Just be wary when facing tough enemies or bosses as the reduced defense could hurt.

Level 13: Armor Lore

Raises the aptitude for Heavy Armors to S. Now your character can gain the highest Defense bonus for Heavy Armors in any job.

Level 14: Heaven’s Gate

Unleash a number of Light-element attacks on random enemies; the number of attacks increases with your BP (before using the move).

  • 0 BP: 10 hits
  • 1 BP: 30 hits
  • 2 BP: 50 hits
  • 3 BP: 70 hits
  • 4 BP: 99 hits

Sacrifice three extra turns to rain down divine judgement on the enemy. Ideally, you want to be using this with 4 BP saved up to maximize the damage; at the very least, don’t use it at 0 BP as the damage is really quite pitiful.


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