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Kingdom of Caldisla

Vincent Lau

The game begins with Tiz waking up in an inn inside the Kingdom of Caldisla. When you regain control, check the bottom screen, which shows the area map and an orange exclamation mark directing you to the exit. Before leaving, head for the bottom-right corner and press A to “Inspect” the cupboard in the corner for a Potion.

Next, go up to find a passageway to the left, allowing you to exit the east wing of the inn. Steadily make your way down the stairs and stop in front of the innkeeper’s counter. Just below is the exit; to the left of the exit is a plant, which if you Inspect yields 50 pg.

Leave the inn to find yourself outside in Caldisla, the Land of Beginnings. Like before, just glance on the bottom screen to survey the area and find out where you need to go next–to the exclamation mark at the very north.

Land of Beginnings

(1 of 2) “Land of Beginnings” huh? How very meta.

“Land of Beginnings” huh? How very meta. (left), (right)

Along the way, feel free to speak to the residents by going up to them and pressing the A button. Also, don’t hesitate to wander off the beaten path. Just below the inn, inspect the obscured corner to the right of the town entrance to find an Antidote somebody must have dropped.

To the far west of town, there’s a conspicuous graveyard. Rummage around the back of the building to the right of the graveyard to discover a valuable Phoenix Down. Next, go up to the building at the graveyard’s edge and inspect the area left of the door for a tasty Potion.

Near the northern part of town you can find a variety of local shops, indicated by a specific icon on the bottom screen (and next to the shop door if you look hard). Right now, there’s no need to peruse them (especially with your limited pocket money), but make a mental note of their existence for later.

Audience With The King

When you reach the castle gate, press the A button to enter the palace, then go all the way up to meet with the king. The people here are very casual aren’t they, allowing a simple peasant to speak to the king without prior warning? Well, I guess it makes our job easier at least. Press A in front of the (rather plump) king to strike up a conversation.

Tiz tells the king that he wishes to check the damage to Norende, but the king warns that monsters have taken the area. Even so, Tiz refuses to let that be a problem and so the king reluctantly allows him passage. After your royal audience, study the lantern to the right of the king’s throne to discover 100 pg tucked inside.

(1 of 2) Eye Drops are used to cure Blind, which is an annoying status condition that causes your attacks to miss more often than not.

Eye Drops are used to cure Blind, which is an annoying status condition that causes your attacks to miss more often than not. (left), (right)

Similarly, poke your nose at the statue above the passageway leading to the left (but not actually leading anywhere) to find some Eye Drops. Making sure nobody noticed you pilfering the king’s goods, exit the palace. Back in town, head for the very south to leave town. Here is where your journey really begins!


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