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Bravely Default

Conjurer (Invocation)

Vincent Lau

The legendary Conjurer uses the power of summons to enhance its combat ability. In terms of stats, the Conjurer excels in MP and Intelligence and its other stats aren’t shabby either. Besides making a fantastic spell-caster, the Conjurer will be your go-to job for grinding.

As the final job in the game, Conjurer has a lot to live up to. Its main gimmick is using the summons you’ve obtained to maximize its stats in battle. Before, Promethean Fire roasted the enemy, but now it ups your Conjurer’s Physical Attack. It also has abilities that help restore MP, like Post-Battle MP, which recovers 25% of the Conjurer’s MP after each battle.

The reason you really want a Conjurer though is Obliterate, which automatically slays all enemies (not bosses) 20 levels lower than your Conjurer–a must for heavy grinding. If you’ve struggled to bring in residents for Norende, you’ll also want their Experience Up ability to increase your characters’ experience gain.


Equipment Rank
All weapons A
Shields, Helms and Armor E

Specialty: Post-Battle MP

The user recovers 25% of their Maximum MP after each battle. Makes enemy mobs super easy to deal with, now that you don’t have to ration MP.

Level 1: Invocation Lv.1

Enables the use of Girtablulu, which raises the user’s Physical Defense to 150% for ten turns. A great way to start a battle against a tough physical-oriented boss.

Level 2: Steady MP Recover

The user recovers 30 MP at the end of each turn. Very helpful for a lot of situations, especially during long boss battles. Now you can use more healing spells or buffs before needing to replenish MP.

Level 3: Invocation Lv.2

Enables the use of Hresvelgr, which raises the user’s Speed and Evasion to 150% for ten turns. Having extra Speed is ace as your character will act earlier in battle; meanwhile Evasion is good for keeping the number of hits low when the enemy uses a normal attack.

Level 4: Critical MP Recover

The user recovers 200 MP when their HP falls below 20% (but not if they receive a K.O.). The extra MP could help when your character is on the brink, but the chance of it happening and actually making a difference is fairly low.

Level 5: Invocation Lv.3

Enables the use of Ziusudra’s Sin, which raises the user’s Magic Defense to 150% for ten turns. This will keep your Conjurer well-protected from enemy magic for a good length of time.

Level 6: Save Summon Magic MP

Lower the MP cost of Summon Magic by 25%. Good for Summoners or Conjurer’s alike, although the Gold Hairpin does the same thing for a headgear slot.

Level 7: Post-Battle MP

The user recovers 25% of their Maximum MP after each battle. Your characters won’t be running out of MP any time soon, so long as they’re not gunning for a boss.

Level 8: Invocation Lv.4

Enables the use of Promethean Fire, which raises the user’s Physical Attack to 150% for ten turns. A mighty fine way to max your attack in one move and it lasts a generous amount of time too.

Level 9: Obliterate

At the beginning of the battle, causes instant death to all enemies 20 levels or lower than the user (except bosses). All characters gain the usual post-battle rewards. It costs a LOT to equip, but you don’t really need any other abilities when you’re using this!

The main issue is that it probably won’t kick in for a long time, as you have to be much higher level than the enemy for it to do anything. Another thing: it doesn’t work if the enemy gets the first strike, so make sure you have some backup plans!

Level 10: Invocation Lv.5

Enables the use of Deus Ex, which raises the user’s Magic Attack to 150% for ten turns. Like Promethean Fire, it’s a massive and very helpful boost that works for a good number of turns.

Level 11: Max Summoning

The MP cost of Summon Magic is doubled, but it now does 1.5 times more damage. Can be equipped along with the Summoner’s Summoning Amp. Expensive on all fronts, but good if you want massive Summon damage. Although Summoning Surge is better against bosses and later you’ll be owning mobs with Obliterate.

Level 12: MP 30% Up

Raises the character’s Maximum MP by 30%. It does its job well, but you’re better off fitting abilities that raise other stats like Physical Attack or Speed.

Level 13: Invocation Lv.6

Enables the use of Susano-o, which raises the user’s Critical Rate by 500% for ten turns. Unlike previous Invocations, this one doesn’t actually maximize a stat (you can get 1000% Critical Rate), but it’s close enough!

Level 14: Experience Up

The user earns 1.5 times more experience points (triple experience with the Growth Egg equipped). Great for speeding up levelling and essential if you can’t get those Norende residents to obtain the Growth Egg.

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