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Recommended Builds (Part 2)

Vincent Lau

Firestorm Onslaught

This is excellent for dealing with the group boss battles in Chapter 7 and 8. You’ll want three Pirates with the Vampire’s job command, Monster Ability Up (Vampire Level 7) and the best Physical Attack-raising equipment and abilities you can get (ideally the Ninja’s Dual Wield). Your fourth character should be a Performer with a similar setup.

On the first turn, you want your Performer to use Love Power twice to buff everyone’s Physical Attack to max, then follow with two lots of Firestorm. Your three Pirates should use Firestorm four times each. Ideally your Performer must go first (try to increase their Speed/Agility in relation to the Pirates), so you can take advantage of the buffs; otherwise your damage will likely fall short.

Dark Nebula Onslaught

(1 of 2) Besides causing utter carnage, you’ll also massively heal your team in the process. Don’t you just feel evil?

Besides causing utter carnage, you’ll also massively heal your team in the process. Don’t you just feel evil? (left), (right)

A more reliable way of crushing the group boss battles, but it requires perfect timing–anything less could result in death. You’ll need four Dark Knights with Dark Nebula (Level 11); ideally they should be equipped with Gloom (Level 9) and the best Physical Attack-raising equipment and abilities. One of the Dark Knights must have the Spiritmaster job command.

Begin by casting the Spiritmaster’s Adaptation (Level 7) on all your Dark Knights to survive the coming attacks; it would help if the caster had much higher Speed than the other three. Your remaining three Dark Knights should use Dark Nebula four times each. In place of Adaptation, you can equip the Dark Shield, which would lessen the timing issue.


The Freelancer’s Mimic (Level 14) copies the last move used by any team member, but without the corresponding costs. In a sense, it functions like a more versatile version of Free Lunch; you could have one character use an ability followed by three lots of Mimic and the remaining three characters all using Mimic, freeing one extra move for three characters.

For optimal results, you need to manage your characters’ Speed well, so each character Mimics the correct ability. A good use without requiring clever timing is to have one character begin with the Performer’s My Hero (Level 14) and follow with three Mimics, so your other three characters gain 4 BP with minimal effort.

Quick and Easy BP Recovery

(1 of 2) Of course, infinite BP isn’t a replacement for good strategy, but boy does it help!

Of course, infinite BP isn’t a replacement for good strategy, but boy does it help! (left), (right)

For this get-rich-quick scheme. you’ll need four characters equipped with BP Recovery (Red Mage Level 9); one of the characters must be able to cast White Magic and Black Magic and have Group-Cast All (Black Mage Level 14) and Status Ailment Amp (Arcanist Level 11) equipped.

What you need to do is cast Poison (Black Magic) up to 3 times onto all your characters (when selecting targets, go down to “Ally List”) and finish with Esuna (White Magic) to cure your party of Poison. Each time your party is hit by the Poison spell, they will gain 2 BP, so you can easily gain up to 6 BP in one turn.

High Jump Hijinks

This build utterly breaks the game with fairly little effort. You’ll need four Valkyries with access to High Jump (Level 9) and somebody equipped with Hasten World (Time Mage Level 14). Begin by using High Jump on all characters, then turn on auto-battle (press Y) and go grab some coffee, as your characters beat down the enemy while taking zero damage.

Note that for this build to work, your characters must be significantly faster than the enemy; for fast enemies, you may want to swap to Ninjas and/or invest in Agility and Speed-raising equipment and abilities. To do good damage, you will need to be equipped with Spears and have Two-Handed (Knight Level 2) on all characters.

Stillness Abuse

Where High Jump doesn’t work or you want more creative freedom, here’s another game-breaking build for you. Like before, you’ll need somebody equipped with Hasten World (Time Mage Level 14), but instead of Valkyries you’ll want one character with the Spiritmaster’s job command.

On turn one, have all your free characters use 4 BP’s worth of actions each; we like to use Free Lunch followed by three lots of Amped Strike or Meteor. The character with the Spiritmaster’s job command should use any move worth 1 BP (a Performer’s buff would do nicely) and Stillness. Then turn on auto-battle and put on the TV or something.

To make this work, your Spiritmaster must be significantly faster than the enemy and your three attackers should be faster still. This will require careful management of your characters’ Speed/Agility stats. What you don’t want is the enemy moving before your Spiritmaster, potentially jeopardizing your plans; if your Spiritmaster goes before your attackers, you just lose some time–no big deal.

When you don’t need to do major damage, you can use Shippujinrai (Ninja Level 1) for a guaranteed attack before Stillness kicks in. This would certainly alleviate any worries about your characters acting in the wrong order thanks to the game’s funny turn order.


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