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Bravely Default

Temple of Earth

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) This is it! The final crystal beckons! (And, of course, another tough-as-nails boss.)

This is it! The final crystal beckons! (And, of course, another tough-as-nails boss.) (left), (right)

After ascending Everlast Tower, you should be in familiar ground–it’s the same crystal temple you’ve encounter three times already. In a similar manner to the Temple of Wind, the way ahead is obscured by rubble, so you’ll need to take the long road around, while cutting through the unruly inhabitants.

If your party has been battered along the way up, you may wish to turn off random encounters and head straight for the Altar of Earth to get everything over with. Also, if you’ve not started the Vampire sub-scenario, now would be a good time to do so (although you can still do it afterwards).

As usual, the temple is littered with treasure chests, containing an Earth Charm (chamber left from the bottom-right corner), Earth Mallet (top-right corner) and Light Curtain (left of the center; by the exit). While you excavate the temple, inspect the rooms to find documents containing details about the history of Eternia, both old and recent.

When you believe you’re ready to awaken the final crystal, head for the exit in the top-left corner, where the way to the Altar of Earth is. Like you’ve already experienced a fair few times before, a foul creature emerges from the darkness to put an end to your heroics.

Boss: Gigas Lich

Level HP Weak to Absorbs
45 80,000 Light, Undead Earth

This giant monstrosity–the Propagator of Doom–won’t let your Warriors of Light go unchallenged. It will use Slam to cause heavy physical damage to your party or Fear to cause Dread to a single target. While it does so, it will use Negative Power each turn to raise its physical and magic attack by 10%.

Should you leave Negative Power go unchecked, the battle will become tougher as Gigas Lich’s damage output rises to max level (150%). What you can do is use the Pirate’s Defang to drop its attack or the White Mage’s Dispel to nuke its stat increases.

As the battle goes on, the undead giant may use Death, which instantly causes K.O. to a character. To counter instant-death, equip your key characters with Safety Rings (you can have up to three) or have a Salve-maker compound a Phoenix Down and Potion to resurrect with full HP.

Once you have an understanding of its moves, it’s time to start the counter attack. Moves strong against undead or aligned with light (don’t forget the Excalibur and Holy Lance) are great for this battle. Unlike the Zombie Dragon, you can’t one-shot Gigas Lich with Phoenix Downs or Raise, but you can still heal it to death if you want.

Exorcize Gigas Lich and the final rite of awakening can be performed. Can you believe you’ve made it all this way? While you’re Agnes, repeatedly tap the X button like during the previous rites and light will be restored to the Earth Crystal before your eyes.

Upon successful completion of the rite, the Earth Crystal will shine in great glory, much brighter than previous crystals.

The Final Task

According to Airy, one final task awaits our heroes–they must seek the Holy Pillar somewhere in the world and take Airy into the confines of its brilliant light. Exit the tower and board Grandship from any of the landing moors; the Eastmoor directly outside Everlast Tower will do just fine.

From Everlast Tower, head in a south-westerly direction, towards the orange exclamation mark in the bottom-right corner of the map. If you’re wondering if you’re going the wrong direction, don’t forget the world is round, so once you go far enough to the west, you’ll emerge by the east.

Alternatively, you could just auto-pilot to the Temple of Wind and then head for your destination from there. Once you reach the area as indicated by your destination marker, you should spot a massive, glowing pillar of light–drive Grandship into it and then enter.

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