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Bravely Default

Return to the Temple of Water

Vincent Lau

On your second visit to the Temple of Water, you’ll finally be ready to awaken the Water Crystal. If you recall what happened in the previous temple, then it’s advisable you rest up at Florem first before coming here. Upon arrival, head straight for the altar of water to begin the next event when you’re ready.

In front of the altar, the barrier around the crystal will be dispelled. However before Agnes can perform the rite, another demonic creature emerges from the darkness enveloping the crystal.

Boss: Rusalka

Level HP Weak to
30 30,000 Lightning, Aquatic

The Purveyor of Doom doesn’t look as menacing as Orthros and initially its damage output isn’t very impressive either. It will use Aqua Regia to drop a character’s physical defense by a quarter; if you have time, cast Protect from a White Mage to counter this effect.

Additionally it will use Bewitching Voice to inflict Charm on a party member–cast Esuna or use a Remedy to fix this. Danger rears its face once Rusalka uses Seep to disappear into the ground and evade your attacks for a full turn. When this occurs, absolutely Default on the next available turn.

Rusalka will follow through with Dark Flow, which does major water damage to your characters and spawn three imitations. The fake Rusalkas use similar moves to the real one, but they have much lower HP.

If you need to know which Rusalka is real, Examine Rusalka when it’s alone; then press Left on the circle pad to display the enemy stats and it should be obvious from looking at the HP.

Every so often, Rusalka will use Seep and Dark Flow again–even when there are fakes around–so you need to be quick to keep up with the fakes and prepare to defend against the genuine article.

Each time Rusalka uses Dark Flow, your HP will take a hit and you’ll have to survive four lots of Rusalka, which can be tricky to manage. The key is to keep your party’s HP high throughout the battle–you want to have close to max HP when Rusalka uses Seep and then Dark Flow.

There’s not a massive room for error in this battle, so don’t be stingy with your Curas and Hi-Potions. For general offense, lightning magic or sword magic is good. When the fakes arrive, prioritize attacks that can hit multiple targets, like Thundara or Crescent Moon (Valkyrie ability) so you can hurt the real amongst the fakes.

Triumph against this watery ordeal and you’ll be clear to begin the rite of awakening for the second time. As Agnes, press the X button repeatedly to awaken the Water Crystal like you did with the Wind Crystal. The result of your recent hardships sees light returned to the Water Crystal.

Owing to the Water Crystal’s awakening, the seas of the world will be cleansed. Exit the Temple of Water and you’ll be automatically taken back to the Matriarch’s; the old lady thanks Agnes for saving the realm and offers her advice for her next destination.


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