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Bravely Default

Dark Knight (Dark Arts)

Vincent Lau

The enigmatic Dark Knight sacrifices its health to inflict heavy damage on enemies. It has high Strength, on par with the Monk and second only to the Pirate. With its assortment of deadly Dark-based moves, the Dark Knight is sure to leave a mark, but at the cost of exposing itself (and its friends) to danger.

With great power comes great responsibility–this saying holds true for the Dark Knight; a powerful job, but one that shouldn’t be used mindlessly. Dark Bane and Black Bane are both powerful attacks on the enemy, but require the Dark Knight sacrifice some of its HP. Dark Nebula takes things to the extreme, hitting everybody in the field with a devastating storm of darkness.

Having low HP isn’t always a bad thing though when you’re a Dark Knight. Minus Strike deals damage equal to the Dark Knight’s missing HP, while Adversity raises the Dark Knight’s stats as their HP falls. Finally, if the Dark Knight succumbs to the enemy, they can use See You in Hell to give the enemy the middle finger before they keel over.


Equipment Rank
Swords and Katana S
Spears A
Axes C
All other weapons E~D
Shields and Armor A
Helms S

Specialty: Adversity

The user’s Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Attack and Magic Defense each rise by 10% for three turns every time they accumulate damage equal to 25% of their maximum HP. How this works is that the game keeps a running total of how much damage your Dark Knight receives in the battle (sacrificed HP also counts as damage).

Once that total exceeds 25% HP, this ability will trigger and it will do so again once the total exceeds 50% HP and so forth. Healing your Dark Knight has no effect on the running total, so you can heal and still benefit from this ability. Adversity is useful when you keep using HP-sacrificing abilities or when the enemy attacks frequently.

Level 1: Dark Bane

A Dark-element attack on one enemy that does 1.25 times damage; requires the user sacrifice 20% of their maximum HP. Unless the enemy is weak to Dark or you’re trying to trigger Adversity, this ability isn’t really worth it. There are many abilities that do at least this much damage for a lower cost.

Level 2: Abate Dark

Reduces damage taken from dark-based attacks (doesn’t stack with equipment). A boon against enemies that rely on Dark-element attacks.

Level 3: Adversity

The user’s Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Attack and Magic Defense each rise by 10% for three turns every time they accumulate damage equal to 25% of their maximum HP. As always, it’s handy against enemies or bosses that frequently pile on the attacks.

Level 4: Demon Master

Inflict Charm on one demon-kind enemy. When charmed, the enemy will attack its friends and use abilities to aid your characters.

Level 5: See You in Hell

When the user reaches zero HP, they will do four times damage to all enemies; doesn’t work when they have Reraise on them. This is an easy way to do massive damage if you can resurrect your Dark Knight quickly and reliably. Just be warned that your Dark Knight will not receive EXP and JP if they end the battle with this move.

Level 6: Minus Strike

Attack one enemy, dealing damage equal to your Maximum HP minus Current HP. Gets better the more HP you have, but usually you’ll want to heal your Dark Knight before long. Works better with Double HP from a Giant’s Draft, so you don’t necessarily have to be at critical HP to use it well.

Level 7: Helm Lore

Raises the armor aptitude for Helms to S. Now your character can gain the highest Defense bonus for Helms in any job.

Level 8: Black Bane

A Dark-element attack on all enemies that does 1.5 times damage; requires the user sacrifice 30% of their maximum HP. Now this is much better than Dark Bane on all accounts; perfect for dealing with mobs.

Level 9: Gloom

The user’s Dark-element attacks all do 1.25 times their original damage. Makes abilities like Dark Bane and Black Bane even stronger; also applies to magic spells or Dark-element weapons.

Level 10: Absorb Magic

From the beginning of the turn, the user takes zero damage from magic and restores MP equal to the MP used to attack them. Doesn’t apply to reflected magic. With good foresight, this ability is amazing; unlike the Spiritmaster’s Adaptation, it works against non-elemental magic too. Oh, the possibilities…

Level 11: Dark Nebula

A Dark-element attack on everyone that does four times damage; requires the user sacrifice 20% of their maximum HP. You must read the description carefully before using it, because it hits EVERYONE, even the Dark Knight using it. Under normal circumstances, expect your party to get wiped out; however, you can use abilities or equipment to negate Dark damage.

Level 12: Physical Attack 30% Up

Raises the character’s Physical Attack by 30%. When you need more power, this is the one to go for.

Level 13: Life or Death

The user’s Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Attack and Magic Defense each rise by 50% for four turns, but they are inflicted by Doom. Once the four turns are up, your Dark Knight will drop to zero HP. Can be countered by using the Spiritmaster’s Fairy Ward beforehand to negate Doom or Reraise to automatically revive them. Or you could let your Dark Knight die and use See You in Hell…

Level 14: Rage

Use Dark Bane on a random enemy 5 times or until your HP falls to 1. Assuming your Dark Knight begins with maximum HP (or close), they will finish with 1 HP and deal 6.25 times damage altogether. Considering you have to sacrifice 2 extra turns on top of the HP cost, the overall cost is quite staggering.

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