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Bravely Default

Pirate (Piracy)

Vincent Lau

Ahoy, mateys! The sea-faring Pirate specializes in dishing out massive damage and debuffing its foes. It has the best Strength of all jobs, but poor Dexterity, meaning its abilities do major damage, while its normal attacks fall short. You’ll definitely want to watch how you swing that axe around.

The Pirate is one of the–if not, the–best physical jobs, thanks to its amazing Strength and powerful abilities. Double Damage does exactly what it says on the tin, inflicting twice the normal damage to a foe, though for a hefty cost. Its debuffing abilities shouldn’t be overlooked either, crippling the enemy and ensuring you get the most of your mighty attacks.

Its final ability, Amped Strike, which does 4 times damage, will make the Pirate a likely mainstay in your boss-slaying squad, though you’d be wise to work part-time as a Swordmaster so you can use Free Lunch to negate the gargantuan MP cost.


Equipment Rank
Axes S
Swords A
Spears C
All other weapons E~D
Shields A
Helms and Armor D

Specialty: Adrenaline Rush

The user’s Physical Attack and Physical Defense each rise by 50% for five turns when their HP falls below 20%. If your Pirate is getting punished, they’ll be packing a mighty comeback with this extraordinary boost.

Level 1: Double Damage

Does double damage to one enemy. This ability is rather costly–you can only use it about four times before needing to replenish MP. However it’s very effective for what it does.

Level 2: Provoke

Greatly increase the user’s chance of being targeted by enemies. Handy for taking the heat off your other characters.

Level 3: Shell Split

Attack one enemy and drop their Physical Defense by 25% for four turns. Now your physical attacks will hurt the enemy even more.

Level 4: Scale Strip

Attack one enemy and drop their Magic Defense by 25% for four turns. Send the enemy fleeing with your improved magic damage.

Level 5: Shin Smash

Attack one enemy and drop their Speed by 25% for four turns. Great for tackling high Speed enemies, allowing you to get some actions in before them.

Level 6: Mass Attack

Attack one enemy; all allies with less than 20% HP will attack along with you. Note that allies who join in the attack do not use up their turn(s). When your party takes a beating, you can rally your allies for a final stand. It’s good for doing damage if you can get the proper timing–as you’ll likely want to heal your party before long.

Level 7: Berserk

User becomes inflicted with Berserk, raising their Physical Attack by 50%; for the next five turns, they will use normal attacks without interruption (unless your character reaches zero HP). Note that you can cure the Berserk ailment, but it will remove the Physical Attack buff. A great way of besting foes if you don’t need to be elegant.

Level 8: Adrenaline Rush

The user’s Physical Attack and Physical Defense each rise by 50% for five turns when their s HP falls below 20%. It’s not just Pirates that can feel the adrenaline now.

Level 9: Physical Attack 20% Up

Raises the character’s Physical Attack by 20%. The Pirate’s physical attacks are going to hurt a lot more.

Level 10: Defang

Attack one enemy and drop their Physical Attack by 25% for four turns. Ideal for reducing damage from enemies, especially hard-hitting bosses.

Level 11: Skull Bash

Attack one enemy and drop their Magic Attack by 25% for four turns. Very helpful for bosses with highly-damaging magic attacks.

Level 12: Axe Lore

Raises the arms aptitude for Axes to S. Now your character can gain the highest Attack bonus for Axes in any job.

Level 13: Torrent

Attack one enemy with a Water attack 16 times dealing 0.3 times damage each time. Sacrifice three turns to do 4.8 times damage; not bad.

Level 14: Amped Strike

Attack one enemy and do four times damage. It’s not hard to reach 9999 damage with this ability. Main issue though is the massive cost, which only rises as your Pirate gets stronger. Fortunately you can bypass the massive cost by using the Swordmaster’s Free Lunch ability prior.


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