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Bravely Default

Beelzebub (Lv. 10, Lv.99)

Vincent Lau

This ghastly-looking octopus is the weakest Nemesis you can fight, at Level 10, but don’t expect an easy ride at all.

Level HP Weak to Absorbs
10 4000 Lightning, Earth, Bug Water

Fiendish Beelzebub will use Tentacles to strike one character and Octowhip to batter your party. It’s also smart and will Default once, before Braving and unleashing two attacks in one turn.

Things get real when Beelzebub uses Gluttony on itself. Now, all of your attacks will heal the boss instead of hurting it. That’s not the worse part–after two or three turns of normal attacks, Beelzebub will use Acid Breath to deal massive damage to your party and drop their Physical Defense.

Standing Your Ground

You’ve got two options for this battle. When Gluttony is in effect, refrain from attacking Beelzebub and instead Default, while healing your party. On the turn it uses Acid Breath, you’ll want to Default for sure to survive the massive damage. Then on the next turn unleash all your powerful moves with the BP you saved up and repeat until it’s dead.

If your party is low Level, Acid Breath may one-shot your party. Should this occur, there’s Plan B. From the start of battle, keep Defaulting, while healing your party. When Beelzebub uses Gluttony, don’t hold back and instead unleash all your fury at once. Although your attacks heal the boss, if you do enough damage, the boss will use Overflow and take massive damage, killing itself.

For a good chance, you’ll want a complete party of four and all the best equipment you can muster. It would help loads if you saved up some Special Moves and added an Lightning (or Earth) element to each of them. Beginners would be advised to ignore the recommended level and issue an challenge once they’ve grabbed more Levels.

Level 99 Version

Level HP Weak to Absorbs
99 300,000 Lightning, Earth, Bug Water

This Beelzebub can use Firaja–the ultimate fire spell–to deal massive damage to your party and, very rarely, Demon Eye to cause Dread, Confuse and Stop to your party. The kicker here is that Acid Breath does in the region of 9999 damage.

Thankfully, at this stage, you have far, far more options to mitigate the damage from Acid Breath. For one, you can compound a Giant’s Draft with a Salve-maker–this should put your characters above 9999 HP, allowing your party to survive Acid Breath.

Alternatively, since Acid Breath is a physical attack, you can use Rampart or Utsusemi right before Beelzebub spews Acid Breath to negate the damage outright.

Those feeling exceptionally confident can bombard Beelzebub with heavy-hitting moves while it’s in the Gluttony phase, with the aim of inflicting 100,000 damage before Acid Breath comes around, to trigger Overflow.

Having devised a strategy, the rest of the battle isn’t too hard. You can equip the Iceflame Shield to negate Firaja or Abate Fire to reduce its damage.

Just be careful not to get caught out by Demon Eye, although your healer hopefully has the Ribbon (from the Dark Aurora) equipped to protect them from ailments at least.


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