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Bravely Default
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-02-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-09-2020 / 08:20 GMT

With two crystals awakened (or is that six?), only two more remain. Poor Agnes got more than she bargained for, when she first promised to awaken the crystals… Like in round one, our next destination is the Altar of Fire, deep beyond the Mythril Mines of Eisenberg.

Just to remind you and in case you haven’t used it before, there’s a shortcut in the Underflow, past the Mythril Mines, which allows you to skip most of the dungeon, if you head left from the entrance. At the altar, Chaugmar, the Mark of Doom, shows itself once again.

Boss: Chaugmar

Level HP Weak to
48 70,000 Lightning, Demon

The Mark of Doom follows the same pattern of putting up its barrier for the first three turns, protecting it from normal attacks. You can have somebody with the Salve-maker’s Attack Item Amp chuck attack items, such as the Pantheon’s Wrath to cause fixed damage.

Alternatively, you can use defence-penetrating moves, such as the Vampire’s Fireball or put on the Black Mage’s Pierce Magic Defence (Level 12) and open fire with your strongest thunder spells. On the fourth turn, Chaugmar will use Transform to drop its barrier and then Energy Burst for massive physical damage on the fifth turn.

As before, Default to weather the blast (paired with the Templar’s Default Guard for greater efficiency) or use Utsusemi or Rampart to block the damage altogether. On the sixth turn, utterly blast Chaugmar with all the BP you’ve been saving up. Then on turn seven, Chaugmar will use Transform to raise its barrier and the cycle repeats.

Upon scrubbing out the Mark of Doom, you’re free to awaken the Fire Crystal. Afterwards, make for the final crystal–the Earth Crystal at the top of Eternia’s Everlast Tower. By now, it should come as no surprise that another creature born of the darkness has returned from the dead to stop you.

Boss: Gigas Lich

Level HP Weak to Absorbs
48 100,000 Light, Undead Earth

Guaranteed One-Move Kill : To trivialise the giant zombie, make him drink an Elixir (or Megalixir) while Bravely Second is active (so make sure you’ve got SP ready). If you haven’t healed or used items on enemies before, when selecting a healing target, simply choose the “Enemy List” option below your characters.

It hasn’t been too long since you last confronted the Propagator of Doom. Like previously, it will use Negative Power each turn to slowly raises its physical and magic attack. At the same time, it will punish your party with Slam , causing heavy physical damage, as well as Quaga for earth damage.

Utsusemi or Rampart–all-too familiar abilities by now, hopefully–are useful for blocking Slam, while Abate Earth or Earth Charms will help to defend against Quaga. Negative Power should be combated with Dispel or abilities that drop physical or magic attack.

This time, Gigas Lich will cast Death , which causes instant-death to one, near the beginning of the battle and not just the end. So ensure your party is kitted with Safety Rings and you have a reliable way of resurrecting fast (such as somebody with the Salve-maker’s Job Command or the White Magic Arise).

Also watch out for Fear, which inflicts Dread on a character–cast Esuna or Esunaga to bring confidence back to your party and re-enable the Brave and Default commands! Again, if you want to trivialise the battle, activate Bravely Second and forcefully make Gigas Lich drink an Elixir or Megalixir to drain its HP in one go.

Exorcise the undead giant… again (clearly, this is one vengeful ghoul) and the way will be open to awaken the Earth Crystal. Once all four crystals have been awakened, the Holy Pillar will reappear in the south-eastern seas; send a signal to Grandship and navigate it into the Holy Pillar.

Within the Holy Pillar, Airy will begin gathering the first light into her brooch. As the gang watch on with bated breath, they quickly realise there’s a problem. Outside, on Grandship’s deck, the dark knight Alternis Dim has come to stop our heroes.

Boss: Alternis Dim

Level HP Weak to
48 100,000 Nothing

The battle with the dark knight is mostly unchanged from last time, except you can now equip Abate Dark (Dark Knight) onto your characters–although you already had access to Dark Charms. Alternis uses Black Bane for group damage and Dark Bane for single damage.

As before, arm your healer with the Dark Shield to keep them safe and use the Spiritmaster’s Adaptation to trivialise Dim’s dark moves. You can also counter his all-physical moves with Nothing Ventured, Utsusemi or (paired with Kairai) Know Thine Enemy, although the latter won’t work against Black Bane.

It’s later when the Dark Knight becomes tricky; as he drops below half HP, we will occasionally use Minus Strike for a guaranteed K.O. Being a physical move, you can block Minus Strike with Utsusemi or Rampart; Kairai can be used to focus his attacks on an ally protected by these abilities.

Otherwise, you can just suck up the K.O. and resurrect your fallen comrade with a Salve-maker compounding a Phoenix Down and Potion or a White Mage with Arise. You also have the option of having a Time Mage cast Reraise or a Salve-maker compound a Font of Life for an automatic revival.

After removing the Dark Knight from the picture, the party hurriedly return to the bridge to check on Grandship and Airy’s status. Not long afterwards, the chapter concludes with little warning. Could it be…?

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