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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-02-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-09-2020 / 06:04 GMT

This Arabian-style job has an unique way of fighting; it confers magic spells onto its weapons to dish out extra damage or effects to disrupt the enemy. Its stats are well-balanced and it can equip heavy armour well, making it a fine offensive job.

To get the most of your Spell Fencer, you will need to invest at least one turn imbuing their weapon with a magic spell. Once their weapon is imbued, the Spell Fencer can target elemental weaknesses or drop status ailments on the enemy like the Black Mage, but without consuming further MP.

When you get the Spell Fencer job, it’s one of the better physical jobs. It also makes a decent alternative to a Black Mage, sharing most of its magic. However, it’s incapable of hitting multiple enemies like the Black Mage, unless you use abilities from other classes. Later Spell Fencer is best kept as a secondary job to borrow its elements.

Specialty: Anti-Magic

Increases Magic Defence by 50% for four turns when hit by a magic attack. This ability makes Spell Fencers a boon against enemy casters early on, when most of the heavy hitters have low Magic Defence.

Level 1: Sword Magic Lv.1

Type : Command

Cost : 5 MP

Allows use of Fire, Blizzard and Thunder with the appropriate scrolls in possession (shared with Black Mages). When their weapon is imbued, the Sword Fencer can target elemental weaknesses, as well as the enemy’s Magic Defence in place of Physical Defence.

Level 2: Sword Magic Lv.2

Type : Command

Cost : 5 MP (Silence and Sleep), 4 MP (Poison)

Allows use of Silence, Poison and Sleep with the appropriate scrolls in possession (shared with Black Mages). Imbue your weapon with one of these spells and each weapon hit may inflict a status ailment upon an unfortunate sap (note that Silence doesn’t work on bosses).

Level 3: Firewall

Type : Support

Cost : 1 slot

When hit by a single-target physical attack, has a 50% chance of counter-attacking with fire damage. A fine way to punish physical foes for relatively little cost.

Level 4: Sword Magic Lv.3

Type : Command

Cost : 15 MP

Allows use of Fira, Blizzara and Thundara with the appropriate scrolls in possession (shared with Black Mages). Now your imbued weapon does even more damage.

Level 5: Auto-Aspir Blade

Type : Support

Cost : 1 slot

Begin the battle with the Aspir spell (absorb MP) already imbued on your weapon; can be overwritten with another spell like normal. When you need to replenish MP, this ability comes in handy. You can start the battle by absorbing MP, then use the MP to imbue your weapon with an offensive spell.

Level 6: Magic Armour

Type : Support

Cost : 1 slot

After imbuing your weapon with elemental magic, damage from the same element to your character is reduced for four turns. So if you imbue your weapon with Thunder, your character will take reduced damage from lightning-based attacks. This is neat against elemental enemies, although it’d be nice if it lasted longer. Be sure to check if the enemy is immune to or absorbs its own element too!

Level 7: Sword Magic Lv.4

Type : Command

Cost : 8 MP (Drain), 1 MP (Aspir), 5 MP (Fear)

Allows use of Drain, Aspir and Fear with the appropriate scrolls in possession (shared with Black Mages). Now we’re talking! Drain is ace as your character will sap HP from the enemy with each weapon hit. Aspir isn’t bad either, allowing for a convenient way of restoring MP, although it sacrifices damage. Fear is good for stopping enemies from Braving or Defaulting.

Level 8: Memento

Type : Support

Cost : 3 slots

When the user suffers a K.O., all allies not in a K.O. state restore 50% of their maximum MP. When things start to go downhill, this ability could turn your fortunes, especially if your healer is running out of MP to resurrect or heal allies.

Level 9: Sword Magic Lv.5

Type : Command

Cost : 45 MP

Allows use of Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga with the appropriate scrolls in possession (shared with Black Mages). Send enemies weak to fire, water or lightning packing with these mega-powerful spells.

Level 10: Anti-Magic

Type : Support

Cost : 2 slots

Increases Magic Defence by 50% for four turns when hit by a magic attack. You can let other jobs benefit from increased defences against spell-casters.

Level 11: Sword Magic Amp

Type : Support

Cost : 1 slot

The cost of using Sword Magic doubles, but its damage is increased by 1.25 times. For its support ability cost, this ability is pretty good for dealing increased damage. However the extra MP cost will probably burn a whole in your pockets before long; it’s good for bosses, but not for multiple battles that’s for sure.

Level 12: Sword Magic Lv.6

Type : Command

Cost : 80 MP (Holy and Dark), 15 MP (Death)

Allows use of Holy, Dark, Death with the appropriate scrolls in possession (shared with White Mages and Black Mages). At long last, your Spell Fencer can now target enemies weak to light and dark with their weapons. Death is also useful for getting rid of the pesky local wildlife.

Level 13: Magic Defence Specialise

Type : Support

Cost : 1 slot

Drop Physical Defence by 25% and raise Magic Defence by 50%. This is ace against enemies that focus on magic for attacks or for surviving the Anchorites.

Level 14: Phantom Weapon

Type : Support

Cost : 3 slots

The damage from the character’s equipped weapon is added to the damage of magic attacks. In other words, the damage of your magic spells is increased pending on the strength of your weapon. Good for physical characters trying to use spells or spell-casters with a strong weapon.

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