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Summoner (Summon Magic)

Vincent Lau

The Summoner doesn’t rely on traditional magic spells for attack, but instead calls in powerful otherworldly beings to maul the enemy. It has high MP and Intelligence, befitting of its role. With its powerful summons, the Summoner is a force to be reckoned with.

To use Summons, you must earn the right by visiting the various Anchorites located around the world–then survive the very Summon you wish to tame. Note that Summons trigger an impressive, but very long animation–fortunately you can skip this if you set battle speed to 2 times or higher.

Summons target all enemies and are roughly on par with Firaga and the like, but unlike traditional spells, their damage is unaffected by the number of targets. As such, Summoners are an excellent job for containing mobs. When up against individual enemies, their fire-power will be less impressive though. Plus there’s the relatively high MP consumption.


Equipment Rank
Rods S
Staves and Daggers C
All other weapons E~D
Shields, Helms and Armor E

Specialty: Convert MP

Each time the user takes damage, they restore MP equal to 1% of the damage (not Poison damage). So if the Summoner takes 1000 damage, they restore 10 MP. As the Summoner begins to withstand heavier damage, this ability will become more useful for gathering MP to retaliate with a powerful Summon, for example.

Level 1: Summoning Lv.1

Enables the use of Girtablulu, a powerful earth-based spell (unaffected by Reflect). Earth is one of the rarer enemy weaknesses, but the damage is good regardless.

Level 2: Abate Lightning

Reduces damage taken from lightning-based attacks (doesn’t stack with equipment). Acts as a good earthing rod for lightning attacks.

Level 3: Summoning Lv.2

Enables the use of Hresvelgr, a powerful wind-based spell (unaffected by Reflect). Like Earth, Wind is a slightly uncommon weakness, but it’s nice to have more options.

Level 4: Summoning Lv.3

Enables the use of Ziusudra’s Sin, a powerful water-based spell (unaffected by Reflect). Great for washing away the fiery monsters near the Temple of Fire.

Level 5: Friendship

Doubles the affinity increasing rate after using Summon Friend. This only applies for friends and not guests, but that makes sense since you’re unlikely to bump into guests again. Having higher affinity is great for boosting the power of friend summons.

Level 6: Summoning Amp

Raise the MP cost of summon magic by 1.25 times and raise its damage by 1.25 times. Can be combined with the Conjurer‘s Max Summoning. If you don’t mind the high cost of summoning, this ability is perfect for getting the most of your summons; the scaling is very fair too.

Level 7: Summoning Lv.4

Enables the use of Promethean Fire, a powerful fire-based spell (unaffected by Reflect). Warm up the inhabitants of frozen Eternia or set the Florem wildlife on fire; your choice!

Level 8: Summoning Lv.5

Enables the use of Deux Ex, a powerful lightning-based spell (unaffected by Reflect). Water-bound or steel-covered enemies won’t know what hit them…

Level 9: Summon Substitute

When the user reaches 0 HP, a random summon magic that you’ve learned will be used on the enemy; no MP will be consumed. Note that this doesn’t work if Reraise is used or if the user dies from Poison damage. Take your revenge on the cruel mob that felled your Summoner!

Level 10: Summoning Lv.6

Enables the use of Susano-o, a powerful non-elemental spell (unaffected by Reflect). When you don’t care about elemental weaknesses, this is the summon to go for. You also don’t have to worry about the enemy possibly absorbing your elemental summon.

Level 11: Convert MP

Each time the user takes damage, they restore MP equal to 1% of the damage (not Poison damage). So if your character takes 3000 damage, they restore 30 MP. This ability is rather costly (3 points), but it’s good if you’ve no other alternative methods of restoring MP.

Level 12: Summoning Surge

Each time summon magic is used, the damage it does rises by 10%. Note that you don’t have to use the same summon for this to work. Now this is a very nice way of racking up damage with summons and makes summon magic viable against bosses.

Level 13: Summon in Pinch

When the user takes damage that drops them to less than 20% HP, a random summon magic that you’ve learned will be used on the enemy; no MP will be consumed. Note that this doesn’t work for Poison damage. Another thing: subsequent damage after this point won’t trigger another summon, but you may restore the user’s HP to above 20% to allow this effect to trigger again.

Level 14: Amp Friends

When you use Summon Friend, this ability boosts the damage, recovery, chance of causing an ailment and the number of turns of ally buffs and enemy debuffs. Having this equipped is a no-brainer when you intend to cause serious havoc with your friend summons.


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