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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-02-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-09-2020 / 06:57 GMT

Who would have guessed that after awakening the fourth and final crystal, you’d have to awaken them all again? Oh well, at least this time you’ve more experience (and abilities) to make your task easier. Unlike the first time, you can awaken the four crystals in any order; although to keep things simple, we’ll stick with the original order.

This means we’ll first visit the Altar of Wind in Ancheim’s Temple of Wind. Unfortunately, the Wind Crystal has indeed reverted to its original state–and worse, a foul creature once again obstructs your path.

Boss: Orthros

Level HP Weak to Immune to
48 50,000 (Both Heads) Fire (Blue Head) Water (Red Head) Beast (Both Heads) Water (Blue Head) Fire (Red Head)

The Bringer of Doom can be partially trivialised by equipping your healer with the Iceflame Shield (negates fire and water–how convenient!) and the relevant water and fire-resisting abilities/equipment onto your other characters. With your increased defence against Orthros’s fire and ice attacks, this battle is mostly smooth sailing.

Just watch out for Blazzard , which does strong non-elemental damage; fortunately Orthros will stop using it after you decapitate one of its heads or when one of its heads stops glowing. As before, use your fire and water attacks to target each head’s weakness, which also stops the head glowing and prevents it from using its group attacks.

When Orthros has lost one of its heads, it will start Braving twice to unleash three attacks in a turn, like last time. Don’t hesitate to fall back on the Spiritmaster’s Adaptation, which allows a select ally to absorb elemental damage for a few turns. Rampart and Utsusemi are also good for blocking all of Orthros’s moves–especially that pesky Blazzard.

Smite the wicked hound and Agnes will prepare to perform the Rite of Awakening once more. This time, Airy will ask if you want to listen to her explanation of the rite or not. Choose to listen and Agnes will comment about being worried about the rite working or not. How about you; are you worried?

In any case, repeatedly press the X button like you’ve done in the past to awaken the crystal. Now that you’ve awakened all four crystals the first time, there is one more thing you can do… When Airy tells Agnes to stop praying, you can actually continue to press the X button, even though the button prompt has gone.

While you could do this earlier, you would be stopped by Airy eventually. However, now it’s possible to continue without Airy’s interruption… For now though, don’t bother as you’re not far enough into the game to understand the consequences.

Note : If you’re looking for a bit of fun though, continue pressing X until the next time Airy tells you to stop (it will take a good few minutes); at the end, Airy will give Agnes a telling off for not listening to her instructions.

Succeed in awakening the Wind Crystal and it’s off to the next temple. In the fair nation of Florem, darkness has again covered the Water Crystal, corrupting the world’s seas. Head for the Altar of Water within the Temple of Water to vanquish the source of the darkness.

Boss: Rusalka

Level HP Weak to
48 60,000 Lightning, Aquatic

The Purveyor of Doom was troublesome the first time, but a joke this time with proper preparation. Like in your battle against Orthros, equip your healer with the Iceflame Shield and your other characters with water-resisting abilities/equipment; this time, try to add Charm Immunity or Rebuff Lockets too.

Before, Rusalka caused headaches by using Seep to evade your moves, before springing up with Dark Flow , causing heavy damage to your party, as well as spawning three fakes. Now, though, Dark Flow causes zero damage to your healer with the Iceflame Shield and you can use the Spiritmaster’s Adaptation to recover HP from it.

The fakes are slightly more annoying now, as they can use Bewitching Voice to cause Charm like the real one, but no problem if you have immunity. Just pile on your powerful group-hitting abilities–Thundaga, Deux Ex or Firestorm to name a few–and this should be an easy battle.

After wiping out Rusalka, it’s time to awaken the Water Crystal–it should be second nature by now. At the end of rite number six, the gang notice that Agnes’s vestal garb has become worn out and could do with repair. Looks like we’d better pay Sage Yulyana a visit then.

Head for the sage’s residence in Yulyana Woods and a familiar scene will unfold–that is, until the sage reveals he’s aware of the gang’s predicament. Next, he will ask Agnes to bring her most trusted ally with her to the depths of the Vestment Cave–after some thought, it’s Tiz who Agnes awards this honour.

When you’re ready, travel to the entrance of Vestment Cave; beyond, Ringabel and Edea will leave the party and you can’t exit the cave. You’d be wise to save before entering the cave, in case you run into any trouble.

Important : With just two characters in your party, you may struggle against the cave monsters; we recommend turning off encounters until you get a full party again.

The enemies within are tough for a full party of heroes, let alone half a party.

The enemies within are tough for a full party of heroes, let alone half a party.

Enemy Tips : If you’re keen to battle, then godspeed. It helps if Agnes is a competent healer, while Tiz focuses on offence and defence. Have Tiz use Nothing Ventured paired with Counter Amp to dish out powerful counter attacks, while mitigating damage. This strategy works well against the Orc Zombies and Black Caits .

Lux Lanterns like to use Flash to cause Blind, so be sure to bring Blind protection (like the Silver Glasses) or Blindna to remove it. Specters are nasty, using Death Clutch to cause Doom and dealing hefty damage with their attacks–focus on felling them first. If necessary, cast powerful healing magic on the Orc Zombies or Specters to exorcise them.

Sage Yulyana will be waiting at the very end of the cave, where you battled the cave dragon near the beginning of the game. Approach the sage and he will discuss his wealth of knowledge to the duo, which includes a warning about misusing the crystals.

Annoyingly though, despite revealing much, the sage seems to be holding back some of his knowledge still. Regardless, our heroes got what they came here for–the repaired vestal garb–so it’s time to continue our (second) journey to awaken the crystals.

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