Bravely Default Strategy Guide

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    Square Enix
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    Nintendo 3DS
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    14 February 2014
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    20 March 2018
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    Vincent Lau

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Ah, the trustworthy sword; RPG staple and the go-to weapon for many a heroic warrior. Here, swords offer decent attack and a solid accuracy rate; they will fit well in many hands. As swords are one-handed weapons, you can improve their attack with the Knight’s Two-Handed ability (to hold one using both hands) or the Ninja’s Dual Wield ability (to have one in each hand).

Note : All swords have an Aim stat of 90.

Item P.ATK Purchasing Special Effect
Broadsword 3 70 None
Long Sword 12 500 None
Mythril Sword 18 1000 None
Scimitar 24 2000 None
Sleep Blade 27 - 25% chance to cause Sleep to target
Defender 27 5000 Increases Physical Defence by 10
Ice Brand 32 - Attacks do Water damage
Zweihander 35 7500 None
Flametongue 36 15000 Attacks do Fire damage
Excalibur 39 - Attacks do Light damage
Rune Blade 39 - Increases Magic Attack by 15
Claymore 40 30000 None
Blood Blade 42 - Triggers sword magic Drain (weapon attacks absorb HP) when used as an item
Chaos Blade 44 - 25% chance to cause Confuse to target
Item P.ATK Purchasing Special Effect
Durandal 50 - None
Night Emperor 45 99999 25% chance to cause Charm to target