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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Cassie Sun
First Published: 06-04-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 13-07-2020 / 02:27 GMT

Ree Dahee Shrine is within the Dueling Peaks valley This is the location of the Ree Dahee Shrine.

Ree Dahee Shrine

You will see what looks like a huge network of switches, ramps, and glowing orange balls for this shrine. Stepping on switches will activate certain platforms, and we will be using this to our advantage to complete the trial.

Step on this glowing orange switch Once pressed, color shifts to blue

Step on the switch right in front of you and you will see that one of the platforms will tilt, becoming a ramp. The orange ball will dislodge and roll down it, settling into a hollow that will then glow blue. A moving platform will then be released, allowing you to proceed forward.

Stepping on this switch will til the top platform down so the ball can get rolling But you need to step off so the lower platform tilts back up

The next switch will also get a ball rolling, but if you simply stand on it, the ball will roll right off the platform. You will need to step off the switch at the right moment so that the ball can settle into its proper hollow. Cross the moving platform and let's tackle this next puzzle.

When unpressed, the platform is completely neutral. When pressed, the platform tilts to the right Use what you learned in math class to get the ball into its hollow

This time, the platform that will tilt still leaves a gap between it and the ball's target. To remedy this, step off the switch at the right time such that the platform tilts back and the ball's momentum will send it flying through the air. Never thought you'd need to remember parabolas, huh?

You can see the chest from here Grab a barrel from platforms below you The Climber's Bandana is really useful especially when you have only one wheel of stamina

You can probably see a treasure chest to your left in a seemingly unreachable spot. If you can somehow hold down the switch, then the platform will be tilted at an angle such that you can reach the ledge. To do this, use Magnesis to move one of the metal barrels below you to the switch. You will need to push Magnesis to the farthest it can go!

The platform you are standing on will tilt and make the treasure chest accessible. Open it for a Climber's Bandana. This is incredibly useful, letting you get more bang for your buck when it comes to climbing. Equip it now! Now to get to the monk you will need to remove the barrel. You can use Magnesis again, but if you cannot reach then Paraglide from the topmost point of the ramp you are on and move the barrel yourself. Then ride the moving platform back and claim your Spirit Orb.

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You wake up in the mysterious Shrine of Resurrection and see a Hyrule you no longer recognize. All you have by your side is the equally mysterious Sheikah Slate and the voice of a stranger to guide you. Take up the mantle of the chosen hero Link and journey throughout the most expansive, open iteration of Hyrule yet in your quest to destroy the monstrous Calamity Ganon and recover your memories of what happened 100 years ago.

This guide will serve as your companion as you traverse the beautiful world of Hyrule. It currently covers the following content:

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-Complete walkthrough from your humble beginnings on the Great Plateau to your final attack on Calamity Ganon -Solutions to all four Divine Beasts -Information on how to obtain the legendary Master Sword -Locations and information on activating every Tower -Solutions to all optional Shrines in Hyrule -Walkthrough for all sidequests

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