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Boss Fight: Waterblight Ganon

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to beat the Waterblight Ganon, the boss fight inside the Divine Beast Vah Ruta in Zora’s Domain.

How to Defeat the Waterblight Ganon

It looks like Ganon is going to make the job difficult for us. This is the boss of Divine Beast Vah Ruta, the Waterblight Ganon, and until it is destroyed you cannot activate the main control unit.

Phase One

Waterblight Ganon holds a long, blue spear that he will frequently use. However, his spear attacks are clearly telegraphed, giving you time to get out of the way. Waterblight Ganon can throw the spear a fair distance, but has a long windup period. He will also do a wide swing across the room, or a forward thrust.

The best, most stress-free way to fight Waterblight Ganon is to use your Shock Arrows. Being water element, Waterblight Ganon is very weak to lightning. Additionally, Waterblight Ganon will always become stunned if you hit him in the eye, which is his weak point. Shoot Waterblight Ganon, in the eye if possible, and if you stun him, whack away with your melee weapons.

(1 of 2) At this point in the fight, you can only fight if you are standing on one of the four platforms

At this point in the fight, you can only fight if you are standing on one of the four platforms (left), Waterblight Ganon will launch either one or five ice blocks at you (right)

Phase Two

At half health, Waterblight Ganon will enter phase two of the fight where he will now hang around in the air. The water will rise, meaning you can only fight on four platforms. Similar to when you had to quell Vah Ruta’s water spouting, Waterblight Ganon will throw ice blocks at you. Destroy them with Cryonis and sometimes he might be stunned, during which time you can hit him with whatever weapon you have.

Once Waterblight Ganon reaches critically low health, he will use his eye to fire a laser at you, just like a Guardian. It hits as hard as a Guardian too, and is much harder to dodge. Your best chance at survival is to parry with your shield.

Aim for the eye!

Once defeated, Waterblight Ganon will be expelled from the Divine Beast and you will receive a heart container! Be sure to actually press [A] and pick it up.

You can now finally, actually activate the main control unit. Beware, once activated, you cannot return to this dungeon. If you missed any treasure chests along the way or want to go back and explore some more, now is your chance to leave.

Mipha’s Grace

Once activated, Mipha will appear before you. She will gift you with her special ability, Mipha’s Grace. It is an incredibly useful ability that will revive you automatically once if you are killed.

It essentially gives you two health bars. Once used, Mipha’s Grace will need approximately 20 minutes to recharge, but it is literally a lifesaver and will make the rest of your journey much easier.

(1 of 2) Be sure to open up this treasure chest after the cutscene

Be sure to open up this treasure chest after the cutscene (left), Save the Lightscale Trident for more difficult fights later in the game (right)

After the cutscenes, Mipha will teleport you out of the Divine Beast and pilot it to the top of the nearby mountain, where Vah Ruta will fire a laser at Calamity Ganon in Hyrule Castle. You will return to the entrance of Zora’s Domain. King Dorephan wishes to speak to you and will gift you the treasure chest near Muzu.

If you open up the treasure chest, you will obtain the Lightscale Trident. This was Mipha’s weapon when she used it, and now it is in your possession.

Congratulations, you have freed the first of the four Divine Beasts!


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