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Link's Motorcycle: Master Cycle Zero

Seren Morgan-Roberts

The reward for completing The Champions’ Ballad DLC and defeating Monk Maz Koshia is the legendary Master Cycle Zero - a motorcycle that Link can ride around Hyrule!

Get ready to explore Hyrule in an even cooler way!

How to Get the Breath of the Wild Bike

To get the motorcycle, you’ll have to do a fair bit of work. You need to complete all quests in The Champions’ Ballad DLC, guides to which can be found below.

How to Use Master Cycle Zero

After defeating Monk Maz Koshia, you’ll have to witness a pretty long cutscene which will end with you unlocking the Master Cycle Zero motorcycle. The motorcycle is a rune abilities, meaning you can activate it like you would stasis or magnesis on your Sheikah Slate. It can’t be upgraded like other rune abilities, but it’s pretty overpowered anyways! It’s super fast and moves and feels like the Mariokart motorcycle, the only con of the bike is that you have to refuel it occasionally. To fuel the bike, you’ll need to fill it with random stuff from your inventory. It can be food, rocks, monster parts - anything you have!

The Master Cycle Zero is a rune found on your Sheikah Slate.

Bike Controls

Move Controls
Accelerate JoyConA.png
Brake JoyConB.png
Zero Jump JoyConL.png
Reset Camera JoyConZL.png

What Can you Do on the Master Cycle Zero?

The motorcycle is obviously a super fun way to explore the map but you can also spice up boss fights by fighting on your bike! You can equip your bow or your melee weapon, meaning you could try fighting various monsters, including big monsters and bosses, on your bike! You can even fight Calamity Ganon on the back of your motorcycle!

(1 of 2) You can explore Hyrule faster than ever

You can explore Hyrule faster than ever (left), but you could also equip your weapons and battle some foes! (right)


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You wake up in the mysterious Shrine of Resurrection and see a Hyrule you no longer recognize. All you have by your side is the equally mysterious Sheikah Slate and the voice of a stranger to guide you. Take up the mantle of the chosen hero Link and journey throughout the most expansive, open iteration of Hyrule yet in your quest to destroy the monstrous Calamity Ganon and recover your memories of what happened 100 years ago.

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