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Underground Floor 11

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Sunlight, oh glorious sunlight! How we missed you.

Sunlight, oh glorious sunlight! How we missed you. (left), As usual, prioritize the fairies, because you never know when you'll need 'em. (right)

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After the nightmare of the pitch-black floors, Floor 11 is the second and final rest area of the Middle Trials.


Like usual, use this opportunity to heal up and get ready for future ordeals. This time around, there are Two Fairies, one on each side of the exit; how exceedingly generous. Slowly approach them and pocket them for additional safety nets. You may not need them, but you’ll kick yourself if you do, but failed to grab them.

Next, unlock the three chests on the right to bag a Forest-Dweller’s Spear, Hylian Tunic and Forest-Dweller’s Sword. The tunic will go perfectly with the trousers obtained from the earlier rest area. Then raid the boxes behind the chests, before moving to the left side to scoop up the mushrooms, apples and fish.

(1 of 2) If you don't have a Korok Leaf, destroy the trees until one drops.

If you don't have a Korok Leaf, destroy the trees until one drops. (left), It'll come in handy later for quickly dispatching some foes. (right)

Also, if you don’t have a Korok Leaf, cut down/bomb the trees until one drops. Having one will save you valuable time on a later floor. Before leaving, approach the cooking pot and cook any meals you might need. As a reminder, be sure to cook all your raw meat, since they provide the most health recovery.

Besides that, if your Attack buff is wearing thin, now’s the time to see if you can scrounge up a meal with a comparable buff. The ingredients you’re looking for are Mighty Bananas and Razorshrooms. Unlike the Beginning Trials, you aren’t guaranteed to get any. Cooking 3 with a non-buffing ingredient grants a Level 2 buff; 4 yields Level 3 buff.

(1 of 2) It's all down to luck how many attack-boosting ingredients you get.

It's all down to luck how many attack-boosting ingredients you get. (left), But you'll always have enough Ironshrooms for a Level 3 Defense buff. (right)

Failing that, if you didn’t cook the Ironshrooms during the previous area, you should have at least 4 right now. Cooking all 4 with a non-buffing ingredient will grant you a Level 3 Defense buff, which isn’t as useful as an Attack buff for the coming trials, but it’ll still improve your survivability.

Just in case, if you want meals that only provide health recovery (so you don’t overwrite any existing buffs), what you want to do is cook ingredients with a mixture of buffs together. This will cause the buffs cancel out. For example, by cooking Fleet-Lotus Seeds (movement speed up) and Endura Shrooms (stamina limit up) together.


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