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Tawa Jinn Shrine

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to complete the Tawa Jinn Shrine, found near Taran Pass, south of Hateno Tower. This shrine is only unlocked once The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest is completed.

How to Complete The Three Giant Brothers

This Shrine Quest is activated when you read the stone slab on the hill to the left of Taran Pass. When you read it, you’ll be given the quest of taking three orbs from the three Hinox brothers. The youngest and weakest is found at Hanu Pond, the middle brother is at Uten Marsh, and the oldest and most powerful is at Rabella Wetlands. Head over to our guide on how to complete The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest and how to beat the three Hinox brothers.

Once you’ve collected all three orbs and placed them in the holes on the pedastals, the shrine will rise from the ground.

(1 of 2) At the center, you'll find the shrine and the other markers indicate where the Hinox brothers are found

At the center, you'll find the shrine and the other markers indicate where the Hinox brothers are found (left), the brothers' strength is linked to their age! (right)

Tawa Jinn Shrine: Tawa Jinn’s Blessing

After all that fighting, you’ll be pleased to hear that this is a blessing shrine - aka no puzzle! All you have to do is proudly loot the chest for a Great Thunderblade and walk up the steps and claim your Spirit Orb.

Claim your Great Thunderblade prize!


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