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Illusory Realm: Windblight Ganon

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to beat the Windblight Ganon boss in the Illusory Realm, which is the boss fight for the Ex Champion Revali’s Song DLC Quest.

Head back to Divine Beast Vah Medoh!

How to Unlock the Illusory Realm Windblight Ganon

Before you can access this boss fight, you’ll need to collect all three Medoh’s Emblems from the three shrines in the Tabantha region. Head over to our guides below if you need to find out how to unlock and complete them.

Once you’ve collected all the emblems, head over to Divine Beast Vah Medoh. The whole aim of this boss fight is to fight Windblight Ganon in an illusory realm where you have different weapons, armor and items to what you usually wear. You’ll be given the following items to fight the boss with:

  • Snowquill Armor Set (Level 2 Upgraded)
  • Feathered Edge
  • Falcon Bow
  • Duplex Bow
  • Phrenic Bow
  • Arrows x100
  • Bomb Arrows x5
  • Wildberry, Endura Shroom, Raw Bird Drumstick

Get ready to loose some arrows, since your kit is made up of a bunch of bow and arrows!

How to Beat Windblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm

Once you’ve witnessed a brief cutscene and been given your new equipment, you’ll now need to fight the Waterblight Ganon.

As the weapons suggest, you should prioritise using a bow and arrow since you’re given so many bows and a bunch of arrows too. The Feathered Edge weapon is also the only melee weapon you get so you should conserve it as best as possible.

Welcome back, Windblight Ganon!

First Phase

During this first phase, you’ll have to deal with the Windblight Ganon flying around and shooting explosive missiles at you. You don’t really want to run up and try to hit him with your melee weapon. Instead, shoot him with your arrows, and if you’re quick you can hit him and stop him from shooting you with explosives. You can also hide from Windblight’s explosive shots by hiding behind the structure in the middle of the arena.

Rain arrows down upon your Windy foe!

If you shoot three arrows into his eye in quick succession, you’ll stun him and cause him to fall to the ground temporarily. But this can be quite tricky to pull off and you have a bunch of arrows so you don’t have to worry about running out.

This phase takes a little while because arrows don’t really do a whole lot of damage. So just keep hitting him with arrows, maybe occasionally loose a bomb arrow (or save those for later) and when you’ve hit him for half of his health, you’ll go into the second phase!

Second Phase

In the next phase, he’ll spawn in some missiles and tornadoes, but your goal here is to just shoot him in the eye to stun him and cause him to drop down temporarily. Here, you’ll want to run over and use charge attacks to hit him. If you have Urbosa’s Fury, you’ll be able to do a bunch of damage.

(1 of 2) Shoot the Windblight in the eyeball to stun him

Shoot the Windblight in the eyeball to stun him (left), then run up and smack him with your sword. (right)

When he’s at about 10% health, he’ll start using the classic Guardian laser attack, at this point you just want to hit him with bomb arrows to defeat him before his attack goes off. If you can’t take him down in time, just hide behind the structure to shield yourself from the laser attack. Before you know it though, the Windblight Ganon will be defeated!

Whip those bomb arrows out to finish him off.

Revali’s Gale +

At the end of this DLC quest, you’ll be granted the upgraded version of Revali’s Gale. The ability will now recharge much quicker!

Revali's Gale already had a short cooldown but now it'll recharge even quicker!


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