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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Best Bows

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Best Bows in Breath of the Wild

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the 5 best bows in the base game, including where to find them and their attack power and durability. For a full list of ranged weapons, head over to our Weapons List, which will be helpful for knowing the best early game weapons rather than the weapons below that are obtained in late game.

Attack Power

The higher the attack power the stronger the weapon, meaning each hit will deal more damage. Some bows shoot faster or shoot more than one arrow at a time, but these will often sacrifice attack power in favour of attack speed.


The durability of a weapon is reduced every time you hit something. Some weapons have higher durability, meaning it can deal more hits before it breaks. Because all weapons except the Master Sword breaks, you should be careful not to waste your powerful weapons on weak enemies. It is useful to always keep a lower level weapon in your inventory to use on small enemies like Keese and Bokoblins, and save your high damage weapons for bosses!

Great Eagle Bow

Bow Attack Power Durability Location
BotW_Great_Eagle_Bow_Model2.png 28x3 (Shoots 3 arrows at once) 60 Rito Village

This bow was used by Rito Champion Revali during the fight with Windblight Ganon. You will receive this bow as a gift from Kaneli after you have defeated Divine Beast Vah Medoh. The bow is pretty durable and is also a great mid-game bow due to it’s higher attack power and ability to shoot three arrows at once. The bow can also be remade if you break or lose it, just head over to Harth in Rito Village and hand him a Swallow Bow, 5 bundles of Wood and 1 Diamond.

Savage Lynel Bow

Bow Attack Power Durability Location
BotW_Savage_Lynel_Bow_Icon.png 32x3 (Shoots 3 arrows at once) 45 Hebra Mountains, Hyrule Field

The Savage Lynel Bow is powerful because it has an attack power of 32 but also shoots 3 arrows at once, making it a super strong bow. They are dropped by White-Maned Lynels, Silver Lynels and Golden Lynels, but are dropped a little later into the game as the enemies scale up. The durability is on the lower side meaning it won’t last long and should only be used for special occasions!

Ancient Bow

Bow Attack Power Durability Location
Ancient_bow_icon.png 44 120 Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

This bow can be made at Akkala Ancient Tech Lab for 1,000 Rupees, 15 Ancient Springs, 10 Ancient Gears and 1 Giant Ancient Core. The bow is super durable and also has a high attack power. Another benefit to this weapon is that it deals increased damage towards Guardian-type enemies. You could also combine the Ancient Bow with Ancient Arrows to deal extra damage towards Guardian enemies! Perfect for exploring Hyrule Castle and the surrounding area.

Royal Guard’s Bow

Bow Attack Power Durability Location
Royal_guards_bow.png 50 20 Hyrule Castle

Due to the Bow of Light being a boss fight exclusive weapon, this is the strongest weapon that you can use outside of the battle with Ganon. It is found in Hyrule Castle, specifically above the fireplace in Princess Zelda’s Room and inside the Castle’s Armory. The weapons have incredibly low durability but are perfect to use as you make your way through Hyrule Castle. This bow can also be shown to Parcy at Riverside Stable to complete the quest The Royal Guard’s Gear. This weapon does respawn after every blood moon so even though their durability is low, at least you’ll know where to find them next time you want a powerful bow!

Bow of Light

Bow Attack Power Durability Location
Bow_of_Light_botw.png 100 100 Hyrule Field

This bow is the strongest in the game, but unfortunately you’ll only have access to it during your final fight against Dark Beast Ganon. You’ll have infinite Light Arrows to use with the bow and you’ll be able to shoot powerful shots at Ganon. It’s a shame you don’t get to keep the bow!

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