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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

How to Reach Gerudo

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to reach Gerudo Town in the Wasteland Region, which is where you will find the Divine Beast Naboris.

Path to Gerudo

The next and last Divine Beast is to the far southwest where the Gerudo race make their home in the desert. To fastest way is to depart from the Keh Namut Shrine on the Great Plateau. As you Paraglide, you will see the tower in the distance atop the cliffs.

(1 of 2) Beware the Bokoblins hanging out on this wooden boardwalk

Beware the Bokoblins hanging out on this wooden boardwalk (left), The tower is not much farther (right)

You can use the wooden bridge as a way to make your way through the rocks, or just climb and use Revali’s Gale to shortcut your way through.

(1 of 2) Knock over these columns to create a ramp of sorts

Knock over these columns to create a ramp of sorts (left), Make sure your ice blocks are not too far apart. Do not touch the mud (right)

Wasteland Tower

The Wasteland Tower is the tower of this region and it is surrounded by a toxic mud that will instantly kill you if you fall in. To scale this tower, use Magnesis on the metal blocks and push over the stone columns. Then use Cryonis to stepping stone your way to the stone columns.

Climb up the stone columns and then climb up the tower or use Revali’s Gale to climb the tower faster. From the tower, you can see Gerudo Town in the far distance, and you can also see the Divine Beast Vah Naboris kicking up a sandstorm to the west.

Paraglide off of the cliff that the Wasteland Tower is on down to the Gerudo Canyon Stable.

(1 of 2) Stop by here to replenish supplies and maybe make some heat-resistant Elixirs

Stop by here to replenish supplies and maybe make some heat-resistant Elixirs (left), Head into the desert when you’re ready (right)

The Gerudo Canyon Stable marks the entrance into the desert. During the day, the desert is hot and you will take damage without heat resistance. Heat resistance and fire resistance (what we needed at Goron City) are different, so your fireproof armor will not work here. During the night, the desert becomes bitter cold, but you already have equipment for that from the Rito.

What you can do is talk to the NPC Maypin who is riding a horse. He is selling Warm and Cold Darners, dragonflies that if cooked with monster parts for an Elixir, will provide cold and heat relief. Buy some Cold Darners and make some Elixirs, then head into Gerudo Desert.

You can also create heatproof meat by killing animals with Ice Arrows.

Follow the footpath into the desert. Your next destination is the oasis on the way to Gerudo Town. Right before you arrve at the oasis, a cutscene will play showing Vah Naboris misbehaving in the desert, causing earthquakes, lightning storms, and sandstorms. Yikes.

The Kara Kara Bazaar is a small gathering of shops and merchants around the oasis. Feel free to look around. One of the vendors sells Hydromelons which can be cooked with other food ingredients to make healing, heat resistant food. There is even a cooking pot here you can use.

There is a treasure chest in the oasis pool that you can pull up with Magnesis for a silver Rupee. Once you are done with your business, leave Kara Kara Bazaar and head on forward to Gerudo Town.

(1 of 2) It looks like the guards won’t let you through

It looks like the guards won’t let you through (left), Speak to this NPC here for your next main quest! (right)

Once you arrive at Gerudo Town, attempt to enter and you will be kicked out. Evidently Gerudo Town is a no-man’s-land…literally. Only women can enter the town, no men allowed. Speak to the NPC next to the shrine, Benja. He will talk about a Hylian man he saw that snuck into the town and this will kick off your next main quest: Forbidden City Entry.

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