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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Boss Fight: Thunderblight Ganon

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to defeat the Thunderblight Ganon, found inside Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

How to Defeat the Thunderblight Ganon

Unlike the other blight Ganons, Thunderblight Ganon is fast. Don’t let this catch you off guard! If you have Daruk’s Protection, we recommend disabling it until the final phase of this boss fight.

Phase One

During the first phase, Thunderblight Ganon has ranged and melee attacks. Only the ranged attack will use lightning. For its melee attack, Thunderblight Ganon will teleport in a zigzag pattern towards you and then slash. This can be dodged to activate Flurry Rush and inflict some major damage. Thunderblight Ganon’s ranged attack involves sending three orbs of lightning at you. Do not try to hit them back, you’ll just electrocute yourself. These are fairly easy to dodge.

(1 of 2) The timing is tricky but you can activate Flurry Rush off of Thunderblight Ganon’s teleporting slash

The timing is tricky but you can activate Flurry Rush off of Thunderblight Ganon’s teleporting slash (left), Thunderblight Ganon’s ranged attack is slow and easy to dodge (right)

If you are having a tough time activating Flurry Rush there is another way to get in a solid string of hits. When Thunderblight Ganon slashes at you, attack and destroy its shield. The shield is fragile and will quickly shatter. This will temporarily stun Thunderblight Ganon. Then use Stasis on it to freeze it even more and maximize your damage output.

Phase Two

The second phase will kick in when Thunderblight Ganon hits half health. He will light up his sword and shield with electricity. Then he will drop metal robs into the ground around you and shoot lightning from them.

(1 of 2) Keep moving to avoid being hit by the metal columns or the lightning that follows

Keep moving to avoid being hit by the metal columns or the lightning that follows (left), When you have time, yank one of the metal columns up and hit Thunderblight Ganon (right)

End this brief phase by picking up a metal rod with Magnesis and whacking Thunderblight Ganon with it like you did to Kohga.

Finally, Thunderblight Ganon will enter the third phase. It will become much more aggressive. Its ranged attack remains the same, but now when it does its melee attack it will do a series of three slashes instead of just one. If you do not activate Flurry Rush the first time you will get hit, and with a lightning-charged attack!

Thunderblight Ganon will sometimes have to recharge its sword and shield with electricity. When the electricity runs out is when you can hit the shield to break it and stun Thunderblight Ganon. That is the safest way to survive this phase. If you have Daruk’s Protection, now is the time to enable it. If Thunderblight Ganon slashes at Daruk’s Protection it will become stunned and you can then use Stasis to prolong its immobility.

Once Thunderblight Ganon reaches critical health, it will charge up a laser beam like a standard Guardian. Parry with your shield, autoreflect with Daruk’s Protection, or hide behind the many columns in the main room. Then load up your bow and start shooting.

After Thunderblight Ganon has been eliminated, pick up the heart container and activate the main control unit. Make sure you are ready to leave Vah Naboris permanently.

(1 of 2) Collect your heart container as your prize

Collect your heart container as your prize (left), Activate the main control unit to take back Vah Naboris for good (right)

Urbosa’s Fury

Urbosa will finally appear before you and gift you with her ability, Urbosa’s Fury. She will then teleport you back to the Gerudo Town and pilot Divine Beast Vah Naboris to fire a laser into Hyrule Castle. Urbosa’s Fury is an offensive ability that you can use to create a lightning strike in an area around you. It can be used offensively to conserve your weapons or it can be used defensively to keep enemies from coming close.

(1 of 2) Urbosa will thank you for finally freeing her spirit

Urbosa will thank you for finally freeing her spirit (left), Use Urbosa’s Fury to give your enemies a world of pain (right)

Go speak to Riju, who will thank you. She will offer you two chests behind her, which you can open for equipment used by Urbosa in the past. You will get a Scimitar of the Seven, a melee weapon, and Daybreaker, a shield. At this time, the main quest is complete.


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