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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Tah Muhl Shrine

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to complete the Tah Muhl Shrine, found southwest of Foothill Stable, in the Eldin Region. There is a Shrine Quest associated with Tah Muhl Shrine, called A Lanscape of a Stable, but it is optional since the shrine is readily available without having to complete the quest.

(1 of 2) Tah Muhl Shrine is found southwest of Foothill Stable in the Eldin region

Tah Muhl Shrine is found southwest of Foothill Stable in the Eldin region (left), the aim of the game is to use flames to burn ivy and to reveal secrets throughout the shrine. (right)

How to Complete Tah Muhl: Passing the Flame

To begin, you’ll want to head down the path and to the right to reach a lit sconce. Here, you can either light a wooden weapon on fire or light an arrow aflame. We recommend the latter, but it’s whatever you have to hand! Next, with a lit weapon/arrow hit the ivy in the first room to burn up the leaves and reveal an entrance into the next room. There are wooden crates in the way that should burn along with the ivy, but if it doesn’t, you can just use a bomb to explode them.

Use the sconce to light your weapon on fire to then burn the ivy.

In the next room, you’ll first want to light your arrow on the lit sconce ahead and use that to burn the ivy on the wall you just passed through. This will reveal a small alcove in the wall with a chest inside. Inside the chest you’ll find a Cobble Crusher weapon.

Next you’ll want to shoot the ivy through the bars in the wall to the left with a burning arrow. This will cause a wooden platform above to burn and a key will drop down. Use Magnesis to bring yourself the key over the fence. You can then use it to open the locked door to reach a chest with a Ruby inside. And the final treasure chest is found atop a pile of wooden crates to the left of the newly unlocked door. You can either burn them or explode them with a bomb. Inside the chest you’ll find an Opal.

Once you’ve grabbed all the treasure chests, explode the blocks beneath the ramp up to the end of the shrine so you can climb up and claim your Spirit Orb! You could also smash the boxes with your weapon but that would decrease its durability so its not really worth it.

Once you’ve grabbed all the treasure, break the wooden crates beneath the bridge to create a ramp up to the shrine’s ending.

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