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Dunba Taag Shrine

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to complete Dunba Taag Shrine, found east of Rito Village in Tanagar Canyon.

(1 of 2) Dunbaag Shrine is found west of Rito Village in Tanagar Canyon

Dunbaag Shrine is found west of Rito Village in Tanagar Canyon (left), it's all about using Stasis in this shrine! (right)

How to Complete Dunba Taag: Build and Release

The first thing you need to do in this shrine is use stasis to freeze the cog up ahead so that the spinning path lines up with the ramp, allowing the stone balls to fly into the pressure plate on the wall. When the pressure plate turns blue from being hit, it’ll open up a gate to the left.

Use stasis to freeze the cog to make a path for the boulder.

In the next room there are three separate puzzles, two of which will yield some treasure! The first is to your left as you walk in. You’ll need to pick up one of the barrels and place it down at the edge of the platform, opposite the large wall of stone blocks. Then, use stasis on the barrel and hit it as much as you can, until the arrow is red and facing forwards - it’s important that it’s going straight at the middle of the blocks and is also going with enough force! You might need to do this a couple of times depending on if you successfully hit the pressure plate behind the stone blocks. Don’t worry, there are plenty of barrels to try with!

Hit the barrel as hard as you can so it launches into the pressure plate behind.

Once you’ve hit the pressure plate, you’ll be able to head through the newly opened gate and claim your new Falcon Bow from the treasure chest.

Next, you’ll want to continue further into the room until you come across a lower levelled area with a large boulder. Your task here will be to roll the boulder over slightly, so that its inline with the ramp before the pressure plate. Then, use stasis on the ball and hit it a few times so that it is gently pushed onto the pressure plate. When it lands on the plate, it’ll open up the gate up ahead and you’ll be able to claim a Great Thunderblade.

Use stasis to fling the large boulder onto the pressure plate up ahead.

After grabbing all that treasure, you’ll want to head over to the far right side of the room, towards another pile of barrels in the corner. This time, bring one of the barrels over and place it at the edge of the platform opposite a large stone slab. Once again, you’ll need to use stasis on the barrel and hit it as much as you can so that it is launched into the stone slab with enough force that it pushes it over onto another pressure plate button. Finally, after all that hard work, you’ll be able to head into the end of the shrine and grab your Spirit Orb!

(1 of 2) Use stasis to hit the barrel into the stone slab

Use stasis to hit the barrel into the stone slab (left), if you do it with enough force it'll fall over onto a pressure plate! (right)


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