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Sato Koda Shrine

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to complete Sato Koda Shrine, found in Upland Zorana, north of Zora’s Domain. This shrine is one of three associated with the Ex Champion Mipha’s Song DLC quest.

(1 of 2) This shrine is found west of Toto Lake and north of Zora's Domain

This shrine is found west of Toto Lake and north of Zora's Domain (left), it is titled, 'Support and Guidance'. (right)

How to “Conquer the Ancient Foes”

As you head west of Toto Lake, found north of Zora’s Domain, you’ll spot a few flying Guardian scouts as well a stationary guardian enemy. Nearby, there are also some Lizfalos but they aren’t a big concern! Use the ancient arrows to shoot right into the eyes of the guardian scouts as they aim their lasers as you. If you’re low on ancient arrows, reserve them for the flying scouts and then use the perfect parry technique with the stationary guardian enemy - which is when you use a guardian shield or your master sword to deflect their beams back at them.

After you’ve taken out all of the Guardian enemies, the shrine will spawn on the hill!

(1 of 2) Use a guardian shield to deflect the lasers

Use a guardian shield to deflect the lasers (left), But you'll want to use ancient arrows against the flying Guardian scouts! (right)

How to Complete Sato Koda: Support and Guidance

This shrine’s puzzle is fairly straightforward, you’ll want to equip cryonis and place an ice cube at the end of the ramp. Then a second beneath the left side of the first see-saw. And finally, place an ice cube to the left of the second see-saw (see picture below). This will cause the ball to roll all the way down into the basket below and then into the hole that will trigger the opening of the gate to the end of the shrine where you can collect another of Ruta’s Emblem.

Place the ice cubes like this!

How to Get the Sato Koda Treasure Chest

If you’re looking to grab some treasure before you finish up, head across the bridge towards the back of the shrine. Then use cryonis to construct a staircase for yourself to reach the chest, which you can loot for a Giant Ancient Core.

(1 of 2) Make an icy stair way up to the treasure chest

Make an icy stair way up to the treasure chest (left), then you can grab the Giant Ancient Core. (right)


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