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Kah Okeo Shrine

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to complete Kah Okeo Shrine, found southeast of Tabantha Tower on the western border of the Tabantha Region.

Kah Okeo is found on the western border, southwest of Tabantha Tower.

How to Find Kah Okeo

As you approach the western border of the Tabantha Region, around southwest of Tabantha Tower, you’ll spot a large stone slab on the ground. Use stasis and hit the slab a few times to cause it to go flying. Beneath the slab, you’ll find a secret cave where Kah Okeo Shrine is found!

(1 of 2) Look out for a suspicious looking slab

Look out for a suspicious looking slab (left), and then use stasis to fling it away! (right)

How to Complete Kah Okeo: Wind Guide

The first thing you’ll want to do is loot the chest for a Korok Leaf, as you’ll need this to produce some gusts of wind. Use the korok leaf to create wind to power the fan so you can head through the gate into the next room.

Use your korok leaf to generate wind.

In the next room, you don’t need to fight the Guardian Scouts unless you fall to the lower level. You might want to just take them out for the loot though! Head up the path and find the second fan and generate some wind with your korok leaf. This will make a platform tied to balloons pop up. You can use the platform to head forward to the next area or you can make a quick detour to grab the treasure!

If your platform flies too far away or the balloons pop up you can make a new platform by turning the fan again. Take the platform back towards the back wall and you’ll spot a treasure chest. To make the platform move, swing your korok leaf in the direction you want to go in. The chest contains 300 Rupees!

(1 of 2) Use the korok leaf to generate wind so that it powers the fan

Use the korok leaf to generate wind so that it powers the fan (left), and spawns in a platform on balloons! (right)

Take the platform back or spawn a new one and travel over to the path that takes you to the next section. Head past the shrine room and continue until you find a Guardian Scout guarding an explodable stone block. After dealing with the stone block and the guardian scout, head through into a large and quite complicated looking room.

Step on the platform and spin the fan so you’re flung up into the air. Head left slightly to land on a platform with a chest which contains a Forest Dweller’s Sword. From there, paraglide towards the tower with the ladder to the right and throw a bomb into the middle of the tower to explode the stone block inside. This will cause a gust of wind to travel up the tower which you can paraglide up.

Exploding the stone block inside the tower will create a wind tunnel upwards that you can paraglide up.

Once you’ve paraglided up, head along the path towards another fan. Spin the fan with your korok leaf wind to create another platform with balloons. You can make a quick detour to the right to grab the treasure chest, which you can loot for a Giant Ancient Core. Hop back onto your balloon platform if you can (if not paraglide down to the tower and head back up again) and make your way carefully through the spikes towards the platform on the opposite side to the tower. Make sure your balloons don’t touch the spikes or you’ll have to start again!

(1 of 2) Use the second platform on balloons to grab the treasure

Use the second platform on balloons to grab the treasure (left), and then navigate through the spikes! (right)

Once on the other side, head up the path and use the fan to launch yourself into the air on the platform. Turn into room on the back wall to spin another fan. This fan will trigger the spawn of an explosive barrel attached to some balloons.

This next bit feels unreasonably tricky. You need to guide the explosive barrel into the giant column of stone blocks. It can feel a bit hard to know if your barrel is even going to hit into the blocks, so you’ll probably have to try this a few times by spawning in multiple barrels.

When the stone blocks have exploded you’ll be able to paraglide down to a newly revealed wind tunnel upwards. The wind will take you up onto a platform where you’ll find a Small Key. From there, paraglide down onto a platform on the back wall that will take you down to the end of the shrine where you can unlock the gate and claim your Spirit Orb!

(1 of 2) Use your korok leaf to guide the barrel into the large column of explodable rock cubes

Use your korok leaf to guide the barrel into the large column of explodable rock cubes (left), Link knows that cool guys don't look at explosions. (right)


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